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**PLEASE NOTE: Hummel Livestock photos have not been Photoshopped or altered (scrunching), in ANY manner – intentionally or “unintentionally.”  Altering photos does not benefit the genetic potential.  It all comes out in the long run.

Upcoming Sale Dates:

     – April 9th & 10th, 20 wethers sell on

             ***Open House Viewing of sale wethers and a small group of private treaty wethers scheduled for the weekend of April 5th & 6th***

             ***Richard Millsap of Quinlan, TX will be visiting the farm to view these wethers.  He will be available to visit with any interested parties

                 about the kids.  He can be reached at 903-456-4039 or by email at

Sale Delivery  Options:  Transportation is also available via Bob May Livestock (530-200-0866)   and Troy Walker (765-601-3451)

Following are pictures of the April 9th-10th Sale offering:

Our December-born wethers have shown us what can be done in terms of going to the next level in the wether goat business. Last year’s kid crop found banners at numerous state fairs, NAILE and the Texas majors. This year’s set of kids hit the ground with considerably more quality and depth. We are not sure we can put together another set as good as this contemporary group of December kids. Tag 4102 is a genetic powerhouse that hits everyone that has seen him as hard as any we have produced to date. He’s deadly good from every angle. If we can produce goats with this much quality and muscle mass each year, life will be good. Forearm, chest floor, rack, loin, and a wide pin set with a deep, muscular leg. We’re not sure where you can pick a hole in this one. He can jackpot all spring and summer and hit hard at any given state fair. Tag 4102 sets himself apart from most of his peers. We hope a stock show kid gets as much enjoyment showing this one as we did making him.



This is a twin to Lot 1.  We felt he was one of the most extreme kids we have ever had born and chose to leave him intact until we made the decision to wether all of our December born kids in order to ensure success at as many state fairs as possible.  Tag 4101 is still way out there in regards to upper rib shape, bone and muscle mass.  Fortunately he blends this together in a well-balanced package.  His neck ties high out of his shoulder and presents a great handle over his rack and back into his loin.  We hope this one can help build memories for the family that feeds him.  Like many of his contemporaries he continues to mass up each day.

This kid is being sold as a wether.  Hummel Livestock will retain him until fully healed from banding and will stand behind him 100%.


“Freak Show” comes to mind when evaluating this red legged wether.  We find success when we combine the bone, muscle mass and crazy front end of Shrek with our ‘new school’ buck Lights Out. The Lights Out sired wethers would be some of the few that could fit into a lamb show ring.  This one is truly unique from every angle.  Perfect neck, wide, clean tucked up chest, big rack, groove topped and thick ended.  Tag 4099 can run hard at any level.  We see spring and summer jackpot success and feel that he will likely find the sale of champions at one of the given state fairs.  The only thing that we could do to put any more confidence in this wether would be to lure all potential buyers to the barn to evaluate him in person.

This kid is being sold as a wether.  Hummel Livestock will retain him until fully healed from banding and will stand behind him 100%.


This wether is a flushmate to the cape fronted lot 5 in our March 18th sale.  This one’s pictures were lost when downloading onto the computer and we were leaving for Houston the next morning.  It worked out well, as he, like his flushmate in the last sale, have all continued to improve each and every day.  When people talk about wide, flat loins sometimes they are referring to skeletal width.  Tag 4161 is wide loined and his width is completely dictated by extreme muscle mass.  In regards to top side shape and muscle into both his inner and lower leg this goat is as good as they get.  Extreme muscle in a balanced, good looking package.  He can show under a wide variety of judges and find success.  Trendy enough with fundamental good to accommodate across the board.  He is not one that you purchase and say ‘if he just fills out a bit more’ or ‘if we just get his feet right we’ll be good.’  Tag 4061 is there.  Why gamble when you can feed one like tag 4161.


This is a great example of why we brought Shakedown into our program.  This wether is pencil necked, clean breasted and big topped with a massive hip and leg.  It’s easy to appreciate his stand up rack and round rib both on the handle and when viewed on the profile.  Tag 4103 sets down naturally wide and correct at the ground, allowing him to hold together well on the move.  It is difficult to generate this amount of top side shape in a neat, clean package.  We are excited to get this one into a junior exhibitor’s hands and assist them along the way to their targeted shows.  He can compete at a great number of shows between now and his end point.


This wether should please the multi-species judge and the most trendy of the goat judges.  He is elevated in his front end, extreme in his length of neck, long and tubular in his body and great in his lines.  Tag 4131 combines his attractive look with a muscular shape in a structurally correct package.  This wether has massed up as much as any post weaning.  He can be pushed into numerous jackpot shows and find the state fair of choice late summer/early fall.  This wether as closely represents our daughter’s NAILE champion as any in the sale.


This wether is a 3/4 sibling to Courtney Millsap’s Reserve Champion Light-Heavy Division at Houston this year. It is a home run when we take Top Gun and put him on the way out there, freaky made Wizard daughters. This goat has a great look, a thin hide and a clean neck that ties into the top of the shoulder. Tag 4124 is elevated in his chest floor, extremely tubular on the profile and handles with a massive, flat loin that ties neatly into his hip. He comes at you with a wide, clean chest and extra bone. It is hard to make stock of any species this good looking. Pen and ring presence cannot be fed into them. At the national level this wether should hit the current trend as well as any. The tag 4124 wether is quality livestock.


Hummel 101 only had a few December born kids hit the ground, but what he lacked in quantity he made up for in quality.  This paint has the unique combination of extreme muscle mass and a wide, tucked up chest floor that displays little evidence of a breast bone.  He is stout in his bone work and handles with a big rack and tremendous top side shape.  It is easy to get excited about the potential of a wether built and bred like this one.  We believe he is versatile in his targeted show dates.  Potentially low 80’s at the early northern state fairs or take him on into the fall shows and possibly the majors.  He will get along well anywhere he lands.


This was the result of two genetic components that have had as great of a presence as any in the industry.  Tag 4136 has a groove down his top, a massive rack and loin and a big, square hip.  He hits the ground wide both front and rear and is even more impressive in the pen or on the walk as when stuck.  This degree of power combined with a great look should achieve positive feedback under a variety of judges. 


Think about the current trend in the wether goat arena and then study tag 4125.  He has a shallow, good look to him.  Tag 4125 presents a tall front and long neck with a tucked up, clean chest.  He handles with a round rib and is solid out through his loin and hip.  His sire has stamped his offspring with a lamb look before this type was popular.  Taking Wizard to our Top Gun females will stand the test of time.  This mating generates consistently good stock that fit today’s show ring. 


Tags 4153 and 4154 are twin buck kids out of possibly out best direct 900 doe.  This set of twins was the most massive in the jugs so we chose to leave them bucks.  Recently we made the decision to keep two bucks out of our September flush group and half interest in two others.  Part of the decision was based upon needing December kids to win as many state fairs for our feeders as possible.  Thus both of these kids and the other December born buck prospects all went into the wether sale pen.  Study the freak neck, wide, tucked up chest and bone on this wether.  His mass has held true as he handles with a big rack, extra wide loin and displays a huge upper hip and leg. This type takes an elite sire and one of our foundation does to look this good.  He will present himself well with a more exotic look than his competition.  Tag 4153 should feed well.

This kid is being sold as a wether.  Hummel Livestock will retain him until fully healed from banding and will stand behind him 100%.


This is the twin to 4153.  Both were powerful kids out of possibly our best direct 900 foundation doe.   We cannot explain how exciting these two have been to watch develop.   Shrek has been the buck of choice when trying to produce stout boned, big topped, muscular wethers that have great leg hair and are nearly absent of a breastbone. Let’s give the crossover livestock and lamb judges what they want with an ultra-clean front, round rib, bone and mass. Tag 4154 handles with extreme top side dimension.  He comes at you wide and square up front.  He is bred to be a great one.  The potential for success in the show ring is high.  This wether excels where many fail, as he comes out of his shoulder with extra dimension to his fore rib and power into his rack and loin and carries this muscle shape into a big hip and outer leg. He can be fed with confidence to a variety of end points in regards to weight, depending on your targeted shows. 

This kid is being sold as a wether.  Hummel Livestock will retain him until fully healed from banding and will stand behind him 100%.


Lights Out sired the Grand wether at Fort Worth and the Reserve Grand at the Iowa State Fair in his first kid crop.  Study tag 4183 by starting at his forearm or the top of his shoulder and work your way back. He stays strong in his rack, displaying extra upper rib shape.  He handles with a massive loin and upper hip and exhibits a massive leg.  Tag 4183 has both top side shape and natural base width.  He should feed well for both the beginner and experienced showman. 


When we are looking to increase muscle mass and give wethers extra inner leg dimension Poncho is the buck of choice.  Poncho sired the Reserve Grand wether at Rodeo Austin this past season.  Not only does this wether handle with a big rack and a wide, flat loin, but he is also expressive in his upper hip and into his center and lower leg.  When you study tag 3420 loose in the pen he is one of the best fronted, cleanest breasted wethers that holds his lines as well as any.  When families spend a great deal of their quality time in the barn it’s nice to be able to feel good about looking at one with quality loose in the show pen.  This wether is the type our family enjoys feeding.  He is ready to hit the prospect/jackpot shows next month and can show well into the fall and possibly into the new year.  We can see a showman getting a great deal of mileage out of this one. 


This wether was raised by our good friend and partner, Rolly Rosenboom.  Those of you familiar with Rolly can understand how fortunate we are to be able to tap into a wealth of knowledge that has been acquired during his many years in the livestock industry.  This Wizard sired flush kid presents himself with a great look and a hard handle in a structurally correct package. His mother is as good looking as you can build one and she passed on her show ring appeal to this one.  Tag 420 sets down naturally wide at the ground and holds himself well on the move.  Wizard contributed great upper rib shape, a wide loin and an expressive leg.  This one is ready to hit the show circuit now and should continue to progress forward into a given state fair.

This kid is being sold as a wether.  Hummel Livestock will retain him until fully healed from banding and will stand behind him 100%.


This prospect is solid.  He checks all the boxes that we prioritize in market livestock and does this without sacrifice.  It is easy to single trait select when breeding, but challenging to put it all into one package.  The more traits that selection pressure is placed upon, the more generations are required to get to the end goal.  This one has as many generations behind him selecting for a specific type as any in the industry.  This mating has proven to complete the puzzle.  Tag 4151 has the ability to hold himself together one the move and when stuck with an impressive look.  Those judging big shows are continually putting more emphasis on how wethers hold together on the move.  We are going to accommodate as best as possible by producing this type of goat.


This is a full sibling to the 2013 Iowa State Fair Reserve Grand wether shown by the Deppe family.  Lights Out has stamped a great front end in nearly all of his offspring.  Combine Lights Out on the top side with Wizard on the dam side and you should generate later maturing goats with a great look and a hard handle.  Tag 4167 spans a wide, extremely flat loin.  He sets down with substance and has genetics on both sides of his pedigree that have consistently produced champions.  This wether should feed well into the targeted state fair.


Those of you with a multi-species background hear us talk about power and muscle in the goat world and assume we have lost our minds compared to the other species.  This wether may move the bar for the goat world when describing power, top shape dimension, etc.  Combine the level of muscularity with bone, base width, structural width and correctness and you have a true market animal that warrants recognition across species.  Tag 4170 should gather a great deal of attention when the new feeder chooses to take him out.  Not many goats can bring this much to the ring.


This was the easiest goat to picture in the offering-some goats simply cooperate.  Tag 4140 is a long, tubular wether that handles with a great deal of top side shape.  He presents extra length of hindsaddle with his added length of loin.  When you can put together a goat with this extreme length and still hold his topline together he will get a strong look when presented on the profile.  This one is fundamental to the core.  He is good at the ground and comes together well when stuck.  He should feed into the early state fairs with success. 


Tag 4188 is big boned and sets down wide.  He is basic in his design and with the proper feeding and exercise program he should run hard at the most competitive county show or place at many respective state fairs.  He already sets up well and is catching on to bracing more quickly than most.  This wether would be a good fit for both the beginner and experienced showman.


Hummel Livestock will be offering December-born doe kids via online sales over the next couple of months.  We thought we would give everyone a preview of the quality we intend to offer.  We have been approached on many occasions about selling one of our top end doe kids that we would consider good enough to utilize in our own flush program.  You will find those exact matings offered in this sale and upcoming online doe kid sales.

“Exotic” best describes this female.  She is out of our ever-popular ‘Facebook’ doe.  This Top Gun x Facebook mating has proven itself in two consecutive flush groups.  We have retained two September-born bucks that are full flush siblings to tag 4049.  This is not just one coming out of a sale pen, but rather the exact mating that we plan to utilize to get to the next level.  This doe has every trait we are seeking in the wether business.  Goats are not: thin-tight hided, strong topped, clean breasted, nor big racked and hard muscled.  When you find the outliers that are extreme in the areas that other goats lack it is time to embrace and move forward.  This one needs to find a donor pen and generate as many as possible.   If ‘like begets like’ you will have made a wise investment.


Consider the impact that the “Zebra” doe has had producing wethers at the Texas majors for Kelly Meat Goats.  Our goal in the beginning was to see what could be achieved breeding Guns N Roses to a few of the elite proven Kelly females.  The dam of this doe kid is as good as they get anywhere on the planet.  We continue to dig deep to cut loose what we would consider donor females in our own operation with the desire of those females producing well for our customers.  This simply increases the chances of Hummel genetics hanging banners at state fairs, national shows and the Texas majors.  If this doe produces a wether that wins one of the big shows it would be the best compliment that our program could receive.  Think about trying to produce or having the opportunity to purchase not only this doe’s genetic package, but also one that looks as good as she is bred.  No need for a long visual description.  In short, she has a tight, thin hide, freak neck, is hard handling and has a deadly look.  I hope she flushes well and generates even better than we anticipate.  This one female brings genetics that have found great success for both Mock Livestock and Kelly Meat Goats into one unique genetic package.


Holly, Dale and Craig all had the opportunity to represent the United States at the Royal Highland livestock judging contest in Edinburgh, Scotland via a national title through an FFA or 4H livestock judging team.  This life experience has proven greatly beneficial for many participants across the country.  This year we have two local youth that will be representing our country this spring at the same Royal Highland judging contest.  We at Hummel Livestock feel strongly that preparation for and participation in events at this level aids in the future success of each individual themselves.  We are donating 100% from the sale of this lot 23 doe to the Royal Highland Event fundraising effort.  This will help ensure the financial burden of the trip will not fall on the families of the youth representing the United States.  We cannot be more excited to help contribute to such an experience.  Congratulations go out to the Illinois State 4H team and specifically our local girls, Gabrielle Lemenager and Amy Louschen.  We are confident that the United States will be well represented.

This Lights Out sired doe kid is long, pencil necked and great in her lines.  She is tucked up in her chest floor and presents a shallow lamb look on the profile.  She is alert and upheaded in the pen and should get along in the show ring, then mature into a valuable breeding piece in the wether goat industry.  Tag 4016 brings the best of ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ genetics together in one attractive package.


This doe kid is put together how one needs to be built.  She is quality stock with a great deal of show ring appeal that should not only find success in the ring, but she will be able to generate when put into the breeding pen.  Tag 4105 is extreme in her bone and width of chest with a round rib and a big hip.  She has the circumference of bone found in many breeding-type goats, while bringing the clean chest, rack and loin that is hard to find outside of the elite wether-driven genetics.                                            

Note: This doe has broken off both of her horns, but they have healed over well at this point. 


This is one of the first Bear offspring to be offered for sale. Bear is our lead young buck that is out of the most proven mating at Hummel Livestock.  We are excited to watch his first kid crop mature.  This is potentially one of the most progressive genetic pieces that we have made available to the public.  She carries the bone and extreme rib shape of her sire and the tubular, great look of her grandsire, Wizard.  She should become a positive contributor as a donor or show doe.  





 Online sale dates coming soon for December born doe kids!  Expect these sales mid April through May.



***150 March born embryo transfer kids will be offered for sale starting late May.  Sale dates to come.***

***Late May-June; 2-3 Online Sales will be held for March and April born kids.

- Richard Millsap of Quinlan, TX will be visiting the farm to view these wethers.  He will be available to visit with any interested parties

  about the kids.  He can be reached at 903-456-4039 or by email at


September 2013 Born Bucks For Sale Private Treaty

We have four September born Top Gun x Facebook (Shrek) buck kids that we have retained to watch mature.  This is without question the deepest flush we have ever produced.  At this point we plan to retain full possession of two of the flush bucks and offer half interest and full possession of the other two bucks.  They will be sold with restrictions in regard to semen sales and bucks being sold out of them.  We feel strongly that these flush bucks are going to move our program forward.  Not knowing which of the four will sire the most consistent, we plan to utilize the two we are selling via artificial insemination.  Kelly Meat Goats, nor Hummel Livestock has ever offered bucks of this quality for sale.  Please call Dale with any questions and for pricing.

Thank you to the Teague Family for their private treaty purchase of our tag 3411 Top Gun x Shrek buck.  The Teague family has full possession.  Hummel Livestock has retained breeding rights.  The Teague family, nor Hummel Livestock will be selling semen, outside matings or bucks out of 3411.  We are excited to see what he can produce!



Bred Does For Sale Private Treaty

25 2-5 year old Bred Does, due to kid late April to June 2014                       Pricing Structure (Gate Cut):  1-3 – $2,800/doe

Sires Represented: Wizard, Shrek & Top Gun                                                                                                      4-9 – $2,400/doe

Service Sire: Shakedown                                                                                                                                        10+ – $2,000/doe



25 2-6 year old Open Does                                                                                   Pricing Structure (Gate Cut): 1-3 – $1,750/doe

Sires Represented: Wizard, Shrek, Top Gun, 900, Catfish                                                                                  4-9 – $1,500/doe

                                                                                                                                                                                     10+ – $1,250/doe



                      Following are a few wethers that sold in last year’s online sales: