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**PLEASE NOTE: Hummel Livestock photos have not been Photoshopped or altered (scrunching), in ANY manner – intentionally or “unintentionally.”  Altering photos does not benefit the genetic potential.  It all comes out in the long run.

Upcoming Sale Dates:

** February 2nd & 3rd, 2014 spring born does will be offered online at

** February 11th & 12th, 2014 spring born does and semen will be offered online at

** Online wether sales will begin early March and continue through June. (All wethers will be sold via online sales)

- Call Craig at 815-383-9727 or Dale at 815-405-4111 to discuss the sale offering.


Online Doe sale February 2nd & 3rd, hosted by

Buyers are responsible for delivery. Hummel Livestock will assist in coordinating rides as best possible.  Please contact Craig (815-383-9727) for delivery coordination.  Bob May (530-200-0866) is also available for deliveries throughout the country every three to four weeks.   

Hummel Livestock was blessed in the year 2014 with great families that took our genetics to the backdrop at every level of competition. We cannot express our appreciation to those families that placed confidence in our program.

22 State Fair Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Wethers

Grand Champion Wether – Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Grand Champion Wether – American Royal

Grand Champion Wether – North American International Livestock Exposition

Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Wethers – TJLA Fall Classic, Rings A and B

Reserve Grand Champion Wether – Rodeo Austin

Reserve Division Wether – Houston Stock show and Rodeo

Reserve Division Wether – American Royal

Six Class Champion Wethers – North American International Livestock Exposition

Following are pictures of the offering for the Feb 2nd & 3rd sale:

It is easy to see how Lights Out stamps his offspring in this one. Quality, balance and a natural presence while handling with a big rack and hard muscle. Tag 4380 is on the edge in terms of moving goats toward quality show ring livestock. If you are familiar with Lights Out and Wizard it is hard not to be a fan of this one’s genetic makeup. Simply put, she has a pen presence that is matched by few. Lamb-like describes this one well. As we move forward in the wether goat industry and bring in more judges with multi-species backgrounds, we need goats that look like good livestock. As you can see in her free stand profile she is the right kind.  Quality crosses over multi-species borders and is easy to see in tag 4380.  In person she hits you hard from every angle.  We decided to run her as lot 1 out of an extremely deep set.  Few Lights Out does have been offered to the public.  This is a great opportunity to incorporate a giant genetic and visual piece into your program. 

*She has a small scar on her left hip. It is healed and of no issue at this point.


This April born doe is bred to generate hard muscle on top of hard muscle. Showtime will contribute a great deal of power, bone, hair and no breast bone. Poncho has been our go-to buck this past year to generate extreme muscle with a shallow, round rib. Tag 4409 brings an exceptional genetic base with a visual that is exciting. She blends Poncho and Showtime together as well as we can ask. Her neck ties near ideal into her shoulder and she handles with a muscular shape that is complimented by a round upper rib. Combine her pedigree with a deadly good look and you have a solid breeding female that needs to find a donor pen. This single purchase, in an aggressive ET program, could elevate any program to the national level.



Visually dynamic with pedigree appeal best describes this doe.  Tag 4244 is another ET kid from which we have retained 16 female siblings.  Her male counterparts have found their way to Reserve Lt-Heavy Division at Houston, a division champion at Arkansas State Fair and class winners at both the American Royal and NAILE.  It is exciting to know that this one can take a new program to the top or work into a proven program at the highest level.  Tag 4244 is near perfect in her neck, shoulder and chest floor.  Her quality does not stop with her front end, but rather works back with great rib curvature and top side shape, all built upon a skeleton that gives a solid foundation from top to bottom.  ‘Unique’ is possibly the best term to describe this doe.  You are not just throwing a dart and hoping to produce quality with this one.  She offers a killer look with a proven genetic package. 


Donkey is a freak looking Shrek son that we were able to breed a few does with last season. He found considerably more does in his pen this past breeding season. Donkey has a wide tucked up chest with a near inverted breast bone. This doe follows that same mold and with Showtime on the bottom side, we have faith that she has the potential to generate well. Tag 4267 has Shrek’s stamped bone, leg hair and unique front end design. It is easy to appreciate her skeletal dimension, particularly her round rib and tucked up, wide chest floor. She has many traits that most goats lack. Take advantage of this kind of female to help build a program.


This mating was intended to produce extreme muscle. Check out the reference pictures of her sire and dam. Tag 4257 is extreme in her round rib and pushed up, clean chest floor. Her neck ties nearly ideal out of her shoulder. As you work back, she is open in her forerib and handles with a wide loin and hip. One of our most popular young sires bred to our most massive donor should give buyers confidence. Look at her picture and think about the genetics behind this one. She has a moderate club calf look that will generate mass with a show ring presence.


Tag 4410 and 4409 are full siblings that are able to take bone and mass and put it into an attractive package.  Many that have seen 4410 are hit hard by her skeletal substance and upper rib shape.  Study how well she balances on the profile, with a near ideal skeletal build.  We have a great deal of confidence in both of these siblings.  Not only do they look the part, but they are lined up with tried, true and proven genetics.  I have no hesitation predicting that these siblings will generate champions. 


This flush kid is a stout made, round ribbed female with an abundance of muscle. She is skeletally strong and presents a dynamic look. Top Gun x Wizard does are popular at Hummel Livestock and we will continue to value these females for years to come. ‘Fundamental and versatile’ is possibly the best way to describe this genetic combination. Trends come and go, but does that are built correctly, have muscle mass and a good look can take you many directions depending upon your buck options. We like this one’s look a great deal, but put even more faith in her proven genetic line. She will be a strong asset to any program.



This doe is genetically lined up to generate a hard handle with a freak show ring presence. Poncho was used hard this past breeding season to incorporate top side shape and a muscular hip and leg. Poncho bred to a Wizard takes it all to another level. Tag 4464 is opened up in her chest floor, clean breasted, good ribbed and hard handling.  She should produce muscle mass with a great look. We have faith in this genetic combination.


This Poncho daughter is one of the youngest in her contemporary group. The grandmother on her dam’s side is a Scorpion-bred doe that has generated well. Tag 4465 offers a dynamic look with a unique pedigree. This doe is lined up to produce hard muscle, thin/tight hides and that elevated, sleek chest and neck that gives an incredible look. This genetic and visual combination is an outlier in the goat world. Taking advantage of extremes to more effectively move an operation forward has been key to many successful livestock operations. This lined up doe should breed with a high level of prepotency. 


This flush born Bear doe is out of one of our lead Guns N Roses donor does (Red Hawk). She is a carbon copy of many of the Guns N Roses wethers that found their way to the backdrop at the Texas Majors. On the top side she is lined up Showtime, Wizard, and Shrek with Guns N Roses as a slight outcross on the bottom side. This was our initial plan when we began this endeavor. The combination of lined up Wizard genetics bred to Guns N Roses seemed like a logical direction to pursue. Tag 4252 is a great example of how the given genetics can come together and progress an operation forward. Genetically speaking, you could not create a ‘Fantasy Doe’ with a pedigree that has produced more champions across the country than what you find in this individual doe.


This June born doe kid is out of one of our most extreme featured does at Hummel Livestock.  Tag 4457 is great in her chest floor and forerib.  She ties well from her neck into her shoulder, complimenting a unique look on the profile.  Wizard will generate hard muscle with a great look and Shakedown contributes muscle mass and bone.  Tag 4457 is what we had hoped Shakedown would contribute to our program. 


This doe has natural dimension from every angle, coupled with a dynamic appearance. She is bred to be deadly attractive with hard muscle and a freak front end. Take the genetic package with the mass and skeletal width this doe has to offer and only good things can happen. Tag 4263 is round ribbed and stout hipped. I think she has buck versatility when looking to mate her and will generate wethers to compete at all levels.


Tag 149 is a massive boned, big topped doe that presents a stout look.  Her extra skeletal mass, combined with an exaggerated round rib puts her into an elite group.  Study this doe’s picture and then put thought into her pedigree and I think you will agree she is special.  I appreciate her fundamental build. She has enough quality to stay at the forefront of the industry.  Tag 149 should complement most bucks you choose to put on her. 

*This doe lost her tag and was given a replacement tag.


‘Freak necked and long bodied with a shallow, round rib’ best describes this Poncho daughter. She has our lined up dark pigmentation with the dark line down the back of her neck. This pigmentation seems to be genetically tied to our shallow made, thin hided, hard muscled lines. This particular doe will be able to be bred to a variety of bucks. She is unique enough in her quality and lamb like look that she should produce dominant wethers.


This doe is big footed and shaggy legged. Tag 4411 is ultra-round ribbed and shallow chested with a lamb-like look. She comes together great and displays as much skeletal substance as any. Tag 4411 should generate shag, with mass to back it up.  She has a unique combination of extreme bone with a tubular look and attractive front end. The Bear x Wizard combination has been a popular mating at Hummel Livestock. The outcross potential is endless on this doe. She is solid and should complement many bucks available in the industry.


Pedigree enthusiasts and those that have followed the Kelly/Hummel genetics will appreciate the genetic prepotency this one offers. When you have a Bear x Showtime that is deadly attractive there is little need to be concerned with mass or top side shape. Her Showtime mother has some age and is slowing down a bit in milk production, but you can still find extreme quality in this female. In person, you can appreciate her skeletal integrity and eye appeal.


This Poncho x Top Gun February-born doe is massive.  Study her chest width and project that back from front to rear and you will have a solid visual of tag 4281.  Poncho contributed a great deal of hard muscle and Top Gun brought bone and skeletal dimension to the table.  She is solid in her skeletal build and offers a good look.  She should generate offspring that compete in the ring or continue to move your genetic base forward.


If you are in search of one that has some growth and performance behind her, this is the one. She is one of the youngest does in the sale and possibly the largest. Bone and skeletal extension is the best way to describe tag 4438. She has a bit more of the full blood, breeding goat genetics coming in on the dam’s side. She should generate big-boned, fast growing offspring. I can see her working into a percentage program well.


We have loaded our pasture with Top Gun x Wizard does and they are producing well. Wizard will generate as much hard handle, tight hide and look as any. Top Gun brings bone, skeletal width and structural integrity to the table. This dark headed doe is greener than her counterparts, but she is also a freak necked, long bodied, attractive goat that offers a great deal of positives to the industry.


Tag 4454 has a powerful show ring look and a genetic base that strengthens the package. Our Shrek daughters are producing as well as any. When you line up Bear on a Shrek, this is what we can come up with. She is extremely attractive stuck or on the free stand. Her dark pigmentation on her head, which is lined up strong, only better identifies her as one that can make thin tight hided, hard muscled wethers. Like many does in this sale, Tag 4454 is in breeding condition and not what has become the norm for show/sale presentation. They have been running in a large contemporary group with no special attention. This is a solid doe in an incredibly deep offering.

*Scar under chin


Tag 4349 is out of a powerful flush. We have 2 siblings in the donor pen and high expectations for the flushmate wethers that will be showing in the South. We have flush full siblings on the ground from this past December and more that will hit the ground this March. This Poncho daughter is rock hard, has a round, tubular rib, is wide chested and exhibits power from every angle. She is wanting to over brace a bit in the picture and with the extreme drive coming from her hind legs she gets a touch easy in her pasterns. I would take her to a strong pasterned buck and watch her handle the rest.            


This doe is really green, but really attractive. She is shallow bodied with a tucked up chest floor and a clean front end. Tag 4495 is a long, level-topped doe that sets down on a correct skeleton. Genetically, she should produce muscle with a good look. I would recommend a buck with some skeletal dimension and let this one take care of a trendy look and structural correctness. It is easy to read her quality and balance in her picture.  I we would have pulled her out of the big group and fed she like a show doe she could have pushed herself to the top end of the offering.  She is green, but has a world of good to offer.


This stout boned, big footed Bear daughter is one that can produce wether offspring that can go into the heavy divisions with confidence. Tag 4430 is a later maturing doe that is greener in her conditioned than most of her counterparts. Her extra length of body and hip, combined with her skeletal elevation,  gives her an attractive profile which should transfer into a show ring appeal into her progeny.


                      Following are a few wethers that sold in last year’s online sales: