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**PLEASE NOTE: Hummel Livestock photos have not been Photoshopped or altered (scrunching), in ANY manner – intentionally or “unintentionally.”  Altering photos does not benefit the genetic potential.  It all comes out in the long run.

Upcoming Sale Dates:

** June 23rd & 24th – 26 early March flush wethers will be offered online at

- Richard Millsap of Quinlan, TX visited the farm June 7th & 8th to view all the kids that will be sold in our June online sales.  He will be available to visit with any interested parties about the kids.  He can be reached at 903-456-4039 or by email at

- Call Craig at 815-383-9727 or Dale at 815-405-4111 to discuss the sale offering.



Online Wether sale June 23rd & 24th, hosted by

Buyers are responsible for delivery. Hummel Livestock will assist in coordinating rides as best possible. Pat Lyons will be able to haul wethers to Stillwater, Oklahoma shortly after the sale.  He can be reached at 580-542-6200.  Hummel Livestock will be making a trip into Texas in the next two to three weeks.  We will head south through Missouri and Oklahoma and will return through Arkansas.

Following are the lots being offered:

Parrot mouthed with a tri-colored head!  These are the kind we like to feed ourselves. It’s hard to decide what the coolest feature is on this kid. Tag 4382 is the epitome of what is expected when Poncho and a ‘freak show’ Wizard daughter come together in terms of being tubular and big-ended.  He has a full, super expressive leg that ties deep into his twist and stifle.  He comes at you with an unforgettable front end, being tucked-up in his chest floor, expressive in his forearm and blending smoothly from his shoulder into his forerib.  He handles with a tremendous amount of shape out of his shoulder, is massive through his center back and ties a wide, flat loin into an ultra-expressive upper hip.  There is no question that he has been the barn favorite of visitors, as well as ourselves.  We can’t wait to see how this one matures.  He will leave a strong impression at whichever major he shows up at with a lot of ring side fans.


Tag 4306 and his flushmate 4243 are two of the most difficult ones not to keep back as bucks.  We have retained two Top Gun sons out of our September flush group and if we are going to win majors these are the type that need to be wethers.  These two are full siblings to Courtney Millsap’s reserve light-heavy division wether at Houston 2014.  We were excited to have that one show under Josh Cody at Houston and as expected he found a great deal of good in Courtney’s wether.  Tag 4306 is a near carbon copy of the Houston wether.  I think this prospect has a touch more bone and is leveler in his hip.  He offers the same superior look in terms of show ring appeal and that progressive lamb-like presence.  Most of our tri-color headed kids are stamped with this look and 4306 is no exception.  He is long-spined, square hipped and wide in his pin set while carrying muscular shape deep into his stifle.  He is one whose pen presence demands attention from any livestock enthusiast.  We think this one could show anywhere in the country with success.  In our opinion Ft. Worth or San Antonio would be two great options. 


Flushmate to 4206 and full-sibling to reserve light-heavy division goat 2014 Houston.  Like his brother, it is hard to band ones this good.  Our decision is based off of the faith that we can duplicate a high number of kids with this quality in our aggressive flush program.  If only natural kidding, these kind could not be offered.  He shows more mass at this point than what his Houston brother had and a touch more than his flushmate in this sale.  Stout, wide and clean chested with a massive forearm and a neck that ties high out of his shoulder makes for a near ideal front end.  He’s ditch-topped and handles with tremendous mass out of his forerib.  Pound for pound, he’s one of the biggest ended kids in the offering.  Combine his up-headed, show-stopper look with his sheer mass and this one should make his showman proud at any show they choose to take him to.


We get excited about this wether prospect.  At this stage of maturity I am not sure we have made one better that can run at a Texas Major or National level shows.  He’s extreme in his forearm, chest width and round rib shape.  Tag 4329 handles as well as any out of his shoulder and back into a square, deep loin and massive upper hip.  He has extreme dimension to his leg with a deep stifle.  He is near ideal in his lines and skeletal integrity.  His metabolic rate is closer to a Thoroughbred horse than 99% of the goat population.  I am not sure if it is possible to describe the difficulty to make a goat this unique.  He presents most of the traits that we strive to achieve, but so few goats have.  Houston, Austin, San Angelo, OYE, Dixie National, your choice.  I do not think it matters.  He is a good one!


Dark pigmentation is a sign of potential greatness at Hummel Livestock.  Like his brother, 4329, this kid has all the things we love to see in a wether at this stage of the game.  He’s cool fronted, level made and wide pinned.  He handles bold out of his forerib and ties a deep, square loin perfectly into his hip.  Like the other tri-color headed kids in the offering he has a high metabolic rate that lends to his up-headed attitude and extreme muscle shape.  The quality found in this one and many of his contemporaries is as deep as we have produced.  If the past is any indication of the future, the quality in this kidding group should get along as well as any feeder could imagine.  We have confidence in this one, in terms of genetics and his appearance. Tag 4293 and his flushmate brother will be hard to miss at whichever major their new owners decided to make a push at.


This is one of the most exciting goats in the offering. He is possibly the hardest handling prospect we have ever seen. He is high strung, high headed and off the charts on his metabolic rate. If in our barn he would see as much feed as we can get into him and never see the track. Some of the genetics look the best with a minimal exercise program and a heavy feed scoop. He and his flushmates are potentially going to find more success than any flush in history. Lots 1 and 2 from our last offering and Tag 4251 in this sale are full siblings. His combination of a thin, tight hide with a shallow, lamb-like look and extreme muscling makes this one special. His high strung temperament will work to his advantage when tamed slightly. Alert, cocky and head up when he hits the ring with everything to back up his attitude. I think he can find success at any show in the country. Do not be afraid to feed this one.


Tag 4251 results from one of the most consistent and deepest single flushes at Hummel Livestock, lots 1 and 2 from the previous sale, 4331 in this sale and a few sisters that are ranking extremely high on the keeper list.  This is one of the most solid wethers in the offering. He is hard to find a hole that would bother the most discriminating feeder. Balanced and structurally correct with a powerful handle and a pile of muscle shape may best describe Tag 4251. He hit his feed hard the morning we pictured so he is a touch full, but still gives you a great look. This is the type of prospect that you can look at every day and enjoy with no worries about having to fix or change anything before his show season begins. He is ready to jackpot now and will show with a presence into 2015. This one is bred to be a champion.


Here is the first of three flushmates that are the result of a Curly daughter who is the definition of a foundation female. They are flushmates to the lot 4 out of our June 10th sale, who was extremely popular by those who made the trip up and wound up topping the sale. This Poncho son is one attractive, youthful appearing prospect.  Super-cool fronted, pencil necked and devoid of any evidence of a breast bone.   He is the smaller brother of the flushmates, but has possibly as much true quality and potential as any in the offering.  He handles with that great rib shape right out of his shoulder and carries it back into a full rack and loin.  On the profile he is stamped with a quality look – shallow, tubular and long with an ultra-expressive leg.  He’s held together with a clean, tight joint structure and combines it with a paper-thin hide.  If we thought this one would be heavy enough to run in the heavy division at Denver he wouldn’t be leaving our barn.  He will be good come Denver time, but we feel he will be deadly in time for Texas majors.  He is green in his body condition, but still looks as good as any.  We have great expectations for this Poncho kid.


Tag 4235 is the wide-skulled, stout flush mate to the high selling wether in our June 10th sale. Like his flushmates, loose in the pen he holds himself level in his topline and good in his lines.  He’s attractive fronted, with no apparent breast bone and plenty of forearm shape.  He handles with a tremendous amount of shape and is stamped with the Poncho hip and leg. Curly does have been a cornerstone for our program and this flush mating will be repeated both this July and October.  I think tag 4235 would please the most discerning feeder and work under a variety of judges.  Not sure where his potential end point will be, but I am sure he will represent Hummel Livestock and his showman well.


Poncho does it again with a monster leg, massive loin and great upper rib shape.  Tag 4234 is a flushmate to the high selling lot 4 wether in our last offering, as well as lots 8 & 9 in this offering.  This flush will be repeated as long as their mother continues to respond with fertile embryos.  Not only do you get an amazing handle with this prospect, but he also presents a strong look on the profile.  Judge versatility should be a given with tag 4234.  When gathered he presents himself like a champion.  End point possibilities are wide open.  Potentially a banner hanger at Houston, San Antonio or OYE.


This flush produced two ‘rock star’ quality wethers.  Both 4303 and 4382 are hard muscled, great handling wethers with a commanding presence.  Tag 4303 is ultra-thin and tight hided, allowing each individual muscle group to pop with definition.  He handles with amazing loin width and dimension that carries back into an ultra-wide upper hip and leg.  When you can put an incredible muscular shape into a wether with this much eye-appeal you should encounter a great deal of universal acceptance across the pool of judges.  We have weeded down to the most elite females in our donor program and this is the end product one would expect.  This one and his flushmate, 4282, have an abnormally high metabolic rate that will work to your advantage in terms of muscle, a hard handle and that heads-up show ring appeal.


This belted paint wether is a solid kid that has really come on the last two weeks.  He’s always been a standout from the profile being clean in his lines, having a neck that ties high out of his shoulder and a thin hide.  When stuck he shallows in his forerib and displays an attractive, long-bodied profile.  Tag 4311’s round rib and square build is a foundation for the amount of muscle and shape that he has come into.  Zebra kids have always been later maturing.  We predict this one is going to follow that maturity pattern as his muscle and mass has exploded with just a little bit of feed. Anyone who could see his donor dam would understand the unlimited potential this one has to unlock going into the majors next show season.


Tag 4295 is out of our ‘White Tag’ donor that has hit with every buck we have bred to her.  Her progeny, like this light-headed kid, get better every day that they are on feed.  Tag 4295 is ultra-long bodied and long in his hindsaddle, but still holds his lines well.  His best attribute is his explosive loin.  He handles the widest at his hip-loin junction and displays a crisp, deep loin edge.  He’s expressive in his leg and ties deep into his stifle.  Combine these muscle traits with a pushed up chest floor and a long, clean neck and you have a wether that should get along well at the highest level of competition.  Ft. Worth, San Antonio and OYE may be ideal end points for tag 4295.



This kid is one of our favorites.  As with many of the flush matings represented in this sale, we will repeat this exact flush combination. His full brother was the popular lot 3 from the June 10th sale.  Seldom do matings work just as anticipated, but this wether is exactly what we had planned.  The only possible issue was strictly management when we decided to band this one.  Tag 4289 is shapely in his forearm and ties his shoulder smoothly into his pencil neck and massive top.  He is ultra-round ribbed, big hipped and wide in his pin set.  He is also expressive in his leg and deep stifled.  The guess work is eliminated with this one. 


While Fracture stamps his kids with the ultra-attractive, elevated, cool-fronted look Wizard gives us the sheer mass and meat animal shape.  We thought enough of how 4338 was bred and what he looked like in the jug to leave him a buck.  At this point, in an effort to find success at as many wether shows as possible we did not retain a buck out of this season’s kid crop.  This prospect is powerful down his top, handles with a deep, wide loin and gets progressively wider into a big hip and leg.  He will get along all summer at the jackpot shows, and then hit early 2015 in the heavy division. *He will be banded by Hummel Livestock and retained until healed. 


This black headed wether is a consignment from our good friend Roland Rosenboom. In person, this wether is way out there in terms of stoutness. You can really appreciate the added mass and rack shape he has on the handle. His loin and hip shape is equally as impressive. Wide based and big ended with a monster loin and leg. He should feed to 90 pounds and run hard in the early 2015 season. You will not be disappointed when this one finds a pen in your show barn.  *He will be banded by Hummel Livestock and retained until healed. 


This red-legged kid is a full sibling to possibly the highest selling buck in recent history for the wether goat business. Tag 4336 has a wide skull, is elevated and presents a long bodied profile. He is immature in his muscle pattern, but genetically speaking one would assume he will mass with age.


Tag 4320 is bred to be stout.  We refer to his donor dam as ‘Steer Mama’. She is one of our widest chested, boldest ribbed, biggest ended does.  This kid comes together well on the brace.  He is elevated in his chest floor, long sided, round ribbed and expressive through his hip and leg.  He handles with a solid top and loin and displays a great deal of expression to his leg.  This Bear kid balances well on the profile and should continue to mass into maturity.


This red-tailed wether is elevated and long-spined.  He’s clean through his chest floor and expressive in his forearm.  Over the past few weeks he’s come into more and more rib shape and mass as he has started to hit the feed hard.  If you are searching for a big center leg and deep stifle tag 4241 should be considered.  He is bred to mature with a tucked-up chest, ultra-round rib and massive loin and leg.  I think an aggressive feeding and exercise program would go a long way with this one.  How much mileage can be gotten out of this one is in the hands of the feeder/showman.


This red-hocked wether has a long, pencil neck, is level and attractive on the profile and goes away with a wide pin set and a deep twist.  He is attractive when stuck, being pushed up in his chest floor and good in his lines.  He is easy to get stuck and should be easy to feed.  


Tag 4239 presents himself with a great deal of quality. His structural integrity is solid and he sets down with extra bone. He presents a wide, clean, tucked-up chest floor and sets down naturally wide on both ends of his skeleton. He handles with a big rack and wide upper hip. He can play at the top end of his class at some of the most competitive shows.


Tag 4255 is one of the more moderate, greener wethers in the sale. He is super complete from the profile with a balanced, tucked-up look. He will take a little more time on feed to get to a heavier weight, but once he does hit the feed bucket there may be no stopping him. We see lots of potential in this wether.


Thin-hided, balanced and comes together well when stuck.  Tag 4277 is clean breasted and his neck ties high out of his shoulder.  He’s big in his center rib and carries back into a stout hip and big leg.  Big-ended is possibly the best description of 4277.  He may not be a contender at a major, but he will play hard at any jackpot or county show.


This wether has grown enough at this point to be ready for the heavy division at late fall shows. He can jackpot all summer and run heavier into the fall shows. He is a big, extended goat that should make a great jackpot/county wether.


Shrek has generated mass and power with a cool neck on a consistent basis in every one of his kid crops thus far. Tag 4291 is a testament to Shrek’s ability to produce a bold rib and stout hip no matter which type of female he is bred to. He ties his neck high out of his shoulder and has a hard, shapely handle. He would be a great addition to any show string.


This prospect is dead level out of his shoulder and down his top. When stuck he balances on the profile. He presents himself structurally correct on his feet and legs, both when stuck and loose in the pen. Tag 4314 should make a great county goat project or with proper management find a sale slot at a major.




             Small group of 2-6 year old Open Does available.  Please call for details.                                                                               



                      Following are a few wethers that sold in last year’s online sales: