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**PLEASE NOTE: Hummel Livestock photos have not been Photoshopped or altered (scrunching), in ANY manner – intentionally or “unintentionally.”  Altering photos does not benefit the genetic potential.  It all comes out in the long run.

Upcoming Sale Dates:

Sale #4: April natural born kids will be sold July 25th & 26th on

We will be hosting a sale in September as well for the late-May through June-born wethers. 

- Call Holly at 815-405-4116, Dale at 815-405-4111, Craig at 815-383-9727 or Richard Millsap (Texas Contact) at 903-456-4039 to discuss the sale offering.

Delivery: We will personally be making a trip south to deliver this set of wethers, leaving Illinois on the night of the 27th.   On Tuesday, the 28th we will meet buyers north of Ft. Worth, then will head south on 281 to Fredericksburg.  Buyers can meet along the route or plan to pick up in Fredericksburg.  The delivery charge is $100.  If unavailable to receive your purchase on this truck there will be other trucks heading south over the next few weeks.  Please contact Holly Hummel at 815-405-4116 to coordinate meeting locations. If putting your purchase on our truck you will need to pay WLivestock via credit card or pay Hummel Livestock directly at the time of delivery.

Following are pictures of the July 26th Sale Offering:


Here is a good looking, colored up wether that is as lamb-like and trendy as they get.  He is correct in his skeleton and near ideal in his lines.  His round, shallow rib compliments both his look, as well as his handle over his rack.  When you get your hands on him you first discover his upper rib shape and then a wide, flat loin that transitions well into his hip.  His unique build will stand out in the ring and is capable of getting him to the backdrop at a late state fair or a big one in 2016.  Feed hard, exercise accordingly and enjoy the benefits of your efforts.  This is a flush sibling to our popular lot 4 paint wether in our early June sale. 


Here is one that commands attention, even loose in the pen.  He is wide chested, has great shape to his forearm, is pushed up in his chest floor and near ideal in his lines.  He comes out of his shoulder into a big rack and handles with a massive loin that transitions perfectly into his hip.  Power, look and skeletal integrity are all in this one’s favor.  I feel strongly that if this one finds a good home he could compete at any show, anywhere come 2016.  His natural presence loose in the pen is overwhelming.  This upheaded, alert attitude will play to has advantage each time he hits the ring.  He has champions that have been produced in high numbers from both sides of his pedigree.  He should do nothing but add to that impressive list.  Tag 5380 is simply a good one.  He should have been in the buck pen.


This cape fronted wether is a big legged, stout made, good looking creature.  It does not matter what species you are familiar with.  When you find one made like 5407 the quality is easy to recognize.  This wether can show all fall and then run as a heavy goat into 2016.  His extra stoutness of bone and skeletal dimension is unique to one this attractive.  We would like to think he is one that has a wide range of judge appeal.  He is the kind that it is hard to find flaws in and easy to appreciate the many good attributes.  I expect a family to enjoy this one the entire show season.  Fit his legs like a high end show steer and let the games begin. 


Tag 5402 is out of as much power, genetically, as we can put together.  His deadly genetic combination of Poncho on Shrek’s full sister is as good as it gets.  We have enough faith in this mating to put his full sibling into our buck pool.  5402 handles as you would expect with a big rack and a wide, dimensional loin.  He is already showing signs of mature muscle and it has just begun to develop.  He will become a power goat with a lamb-like look and a unique presence.  In the hands of a dedicated exhibitor the possibilities are endless for this one as he goes into 2016.  Show him now as a light goat and show him later as a mature champion.


This is a full sibling to the 2014 Illinois State Fair Reserve Grand Champion wether that was out of our kids’ keeper pen.  He is a wether that can go into the heavy division and play hard at any show.  He is stout boned and handles with a big rack and loin.  He is set wide at his pins and carries down wide at the ground.  When stuck his hip and leg explode with muscle that runs deep into a full lower leg.  This is a solid Poncho wether with proven genetics.  He is ready to show now, but will continue to get better each day with a heavy feed bucket and a committed young showman. 


Dark red with a big hip and wide chest floor.  This is a powered up wether that has true skeletal dimension.  His stoutness of bone is a unique compliment to an attractive, modern-day/progressive look.  His neck ties high out of his shoulder and he is opened up in his forerib.  This wether is bred and built to be stout.  He should mature into a big boned, thick ended mature goat with enough look to get along in the ring.  I think this wether should feed easy with more end point versatility than most.  Do not get color blind on this one.  Generally speaking, color hurts on average to poor ones, but gets the good ones noticed.   


This wether is a full sibing to the 2015 Reserve Champion light division wether at Houston, shown by Braden Grady.  Good looking, hard muscled and great upper rib shape with a solid skeletal build.  This one will feed with the best and play hard well into the later majors.  He is expressive from his forearm back and presents himself with a progressive meat animal look that will be hard to beat in the hands of a good showman.  His thin, tight hide, shallow chest and freak neck gives him a unique presence.  I suggest feeding this one hard every day.  Minimal exercise will be needed.  He is the kind that can look the part heading to a show on full feed.  His natural presence will get noticed.


This Black Tail sired wether is power with a stout skeletal build in a correct, well balanced package.  You can start with his opened up forerib and expressive forearm.  The skeletal foundation of this wether is exceptional.  He should feed easy and get along well on an aggressive feeding and exercise program.  Goats that have this much good in them will generally find their way to the top of classes.  In a good home he has the potential to win the toughest of county shows or run hard at one of the big shows in early 2016.


Thin hided, with an incredible handle to his loin.  His hip-loin transition is near ideal and his shapely forearm is just the beginning to what will come with his mature muscle mass.  This light-headed wether puts a great deal of positive into one package.  His stoutness of bone and muscular shape compliment a great look and a dynamic presence.  His pushed up chest and clean breast compliments an attractive front end.  He is opened up in his forerib and gets progressively wider as you work back.  This wether should feed well and run with the best at any level.


This Poncho-sired wether is packed full of muscle.  He is the twin to 5383 and a full sibling to the Reserve Grand wether at the 2014 Illinois State Fair that was shown by our kids.  His extreme width through his pins and dimension to his leg allows him to hit the ground with incredible natural width.  When you first study this one it is his muscular shape that hits you hard, but it is his balance and correctness that you appreciate equally as much as you continue to study him.  There is no question he will be one of the most massive goats in the ring at maturity.  This, combined with his overall quality and trendy look, should work to his favor well.  Feed hard and work as much muscle into this one as you desire.  He looks the part and is bred to win.


The Poncho muscling has already begun to show up, even in a wether that is still immature in his development.  This thin hided, expressively muscled wether should handle rock hard and present a unique lamb-like look when he hits the ring.  His shallow, tubular build is complimented by his outer leg shape and heads up attitude.  He is bred to have a high metabolic rate and will be best served by pushing the feed hard and then a muscle building protocol if needed once you get him 70 plus pounds.


This splashed up wether is out of a full sister to “Lights Out’s” mother.  5387 is built perfect through his front end.  He is wide and clean in his chest, expressive in his forearm, laid in correctly about his shoulder and his neck ties in high.  He will get attention.  His dam gives him a great look and Poncho kids develop incredible mass as they mature.  This one is a touch immature yet, but still expressive.  His lamb-like look should work to his advantage and allow him to stand out amongst most goats.  Feed hard, exercise a bit and show him often.  He can go out now, but will hit twelve o’clock in 2016.


This Poncho-sired wether is out of one of the most proven does on our place.  This wether is massive hipped and handles with a wide, dimensional loin and a big rack.  It is easy to appreciate how this one is put together.  When you evaluate livestock from the ground up and are slow to find issues you have a great start.  Tag 5379 presents a muscular shape from every angle.  Attaining forearm shape in an immature wether will put you way ahead of the curve.  There is no doubt that the power bred into this one has begun to show itself.


This Bear wether is as green as they get and still reads with a great deal of quality and muscle expression.  You can see great inner leg dimension in his rear view and a solid skeletal build, as well as a trendy look on the profile.  He is bred to have muscle from both sides of his pedigree.  He is an elevated, shallow made wether that can be fed hard into 2016.  A full feed bucket will work to this one’s advantage each and every day.  Bear is getting used hard in our program and our Shrek does are producing champions as consistently as any.  We believe this one is raw green, but bred well and looks the part.


This Poncho-sired wether holds true to his sire’s ability to generate muscle as extreme as any in the industry.  His ultra-round upper rib can be attributed to his true direct 900 dam that has survived a strict quality assurance protocol for the past three years.  Tag 5433 hit the feeder hard the morning we pictured.  This wether handles with a big rack, a dimensional loin and a massive hip.  His pin width is exceptional and you should be able to achieve as much mass as you would like.  He is a thick ended goat that comes together well when stuck.  Perfect for a power oriented judge and should compete at the toughest county shows in the country.


Tag 5349 has a solid structural foundation and is ready to go into a home that can build from there.  He comes strong out of his shoulder, back into a level hip.  This one comes together as well as any when stuck.  With an aggressive exercise program this one should compete well at most jackpot and county shows.  He is bred to mature into muscle.


This wether is a shallow made, pencil necked, tall fronted goat.  He may be green, but he has a great look.  The feed bucket and maturity will be his best friend.  He should hit the ring with enough look to make the pull.  An aggressive workout protocol with a hard push at the feeder and he should mature with enough mass to get along.  Tag 5423 is a good looking, skinny goat with some muscle expression. 




                      Following are a few wethers that sold in previous online sales: