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**PLEASE NOTE: Hummel Livestock photos have not been Photoshopped or altered (scrunching), in ANY manner – intentionally or “unintentionally.”  Altering photos does not benefit the genetic potential.  It all comes out in the long run.

Upcoming Sale Dates:

Sale #3: Late March-born flush wethers, held July 2nd on!

Sale #4: April & May natural born kids will be sold on .

We will be hosting a sale in September as well for the late-May through June-born wethers. 

- Call Holly at 815-405-4116, Dale at 815-405-4111, Craig at 815-383-9727 or Richard Millsap (Texas Contact) at 903-456-4039 to discuss the sale offering.

This is possibly one of the most immature sets of kids we have offered to date, but we feel they have as much potential for success as any we have produced. These wethers are expressively muscled and built well. They can show through the summer and fall, but should hit twelve o’clock on into 2016. Although there are not many in this offering, their impact will be felt at each and every targeted show. Please feel free to call with any questions. We will do our best to insure your expectations are met or surpassed.  Our recommendation on most of the wethers in this set would be to feed hard all the way into your targeted show.  They are bred to have a high metabolic rate and mature with a great deal of muscle.  Do not let sale order effect your bidding decisions.  This is a limited, but extremely deep set.

Following are pictures of the July 2nd Sale Offering:


This Poncho wether hits me as hard as any we have offered to date.  If we could turn back the clock this one would have been one of our lead young bucks going into 2016.  He is ahead of his time in regard to making goats thin and tight hided with increased muscularity and a correct structural build.  He is unique in his presence, even among as progressive of a flush group as we have made.  It is hard to imagine, but those that have viewed this one in person would agree that he looks even better loose in the pen than what we were able to capture in a picture.  His handle is powerful, as he presents a huge rack, loin and hip that all blends extremely well.  His heads up attitude with a splash of paint grabs your attention and his ability to bring extreme traits together in a smooth, well-constructed package is overwhelming.  We often try to predict what direction a trend is going in a specific species and with goats we continue to work on consistently producing good livestock.  Tag 5320 is dead on.  He is out of one of our proven lead donor females and one of the most successful bucks in the country.  There is not a great amount of guess work on how this one will mature.  He will be noticed and in addition he will be a pleasure to enjoy each day in the show barn.   


Tag 5348 has as much untapped potential as any we have sold this summer. For one to be this green and still exhibit the amount of mass and muscle shape in all the right places says a lot for how this one should feed. The look from the side is killer. Super elevated in his chest with a pencil neck.  He is unique within the goat industry in terms of being extreme in his body length, while having the skeletal and muscular build to be able to hold that topline together and be level and attractive from the profile.  He is almost a carbon copy of his full brother from last year’s set that was shown by the Grady family, going on to be Reserve Lightweight at Houston. He is from one of our most proven pedigrees and has the deadly look with hard muscle to go along with it. In case you can’t tell, we put as much faith in this one as any and have high expectations for his future.


This is a flush sibling to lot 1.  He was pictured a bit full, yet it is easy to find the good in this one.  I appreciate the strong appetite that 5338 brings to the table.  His desire to hit feed hard will allow for a much greater range of management practices and a more versatile end point window.  Tag 5338 is built like his painted up brother with the same extreme muscle and overwhelming handle you would expect as you view his pictures.  The multitude of positive traits that this pair of wethers presents is difficult to put on paper.  Study this one’s skeletal build and the muscular shape from both the rear view and the profile.  His look will get him the pull and his handle will take him to the backdrop.  The excitement level is high on this one.


Those that have been paying attention to our program know how proven this pedigree has been. Poncho’s ability to put extreme amounts of muscle and shape in one generation is unique within the goat industry. When we take him back on some of our best looking, extreme Wizard-bred females it clicks. Tag 5327 is the typical result we see come from this proven combination. Studying his rear shot, we see the amount of inner and outer leg shape that Poncho has put into this one. The top and loin shape is equally as impressive, even with being a notch greener. The maternal side is where this wether gets the extra look and balance from the side. We feel this one will continue to impress his new owners every day on feed, hitting his prime in the spring of 2016.


The mating resulting in 5353 was made to push the limits on muscle shape and expression. That is exactly what we have achieved in this wether. Like most in this set he is still raw in his condition, however he is overwhelming in terms of his added shape. He runs a groove from his blades, down his top, all the way back to his wide, flat loin. He is one of the stoutest hipped wethers in the offering and should feed out to be one of the power goats in this set.  Few wethers are this attractive and tubular while bringing this degree of muscle mass to the ring.


The mother of tag 5334 is one of the older and most proven direct 900 daughters out of the original Kelly does. Taking her back to Poncho gives this wether a shot more hard muscle shape and expression than the 900 daughters have been producing. 5334 is big hipped with a shapely lower leg that Poncho is known for producing, yet he still has the easy-feeding look and good build that his mother has stamped on every kid she has produced the past couple years. He is one that can be pushed hard all the way through and should mature into a problem-free, muscular wether.


This dark headed wether may prove to be the sleeper of the sale. He is the most raw in an already green set. However, he has all the pieces to develop into a solid wether with feed and maturity. He has an attractive and balanced look from the profile with a shallow chest and cool neck. The Bear wethers are proving to be some of the more complete and fault-free goats we are producing with the correct muscle and rib shape. They feed well and have already been winning across the country. They generally get better every day they are on feed.


This red wether is out of a doe that has produced as many champions as any at the largest shows in the country.  On the brace he comes together well and displays an attractive profile.  His muscle expression is already present and his sire generates as much muscle as any we have ever used.  I would expect this red wether to be able to handle some of the toughest county shows and play hard to find a sale slot at one of the big ones. 


Tag 5336 is a well-built, stout boned wether that is hard to poke a hole in. He handles with a big rib and muscular top, even with being a bit on the green side. He should be an easy feeding wether that can be pushed into an early 2016 county show or will coast into a spring show. With the right amount of feed and a good showman he will be a low maintenance, problem-free wether .  


Hummel 101 has produced some of the most complete and fault-free wethers we have made to date. Tag 5303 is a long bodied, correctly built wether that handles with a lot of rib shape. He is out of one of the more impressive Top Gun daughters from last year’s kid crop. His yearling mother wasn’t the best milker, but if he matures into half the muscle she has, he will be a popular wether come show day.




                      Following are a few wethers that sold in previous online sales: