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Hummel Livestock Families found great success in both the 2014 and early 2015 show seasons. The Champions list includes 22 State Fair Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion Slots, 2014 Fort Worth Stock Show Grand Champion, 2015 Fort Worth Stock Show Grand and Reserve Grand Champions, 2013 and 2014 NAILE Grand Champions, 2014 American Royal Grand Champion, 2014 and 2015 Houston Stock Show and Rodeo Reserve Division Champions, 2014 Reserve Grand and 2015 Reserve Heavy Division Rodeo Austin, 2014 Reserve Grand and 2015 Grand Champion Dixie National, 2014 TJLA Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Rings A and B.

The 2014/Early 2015 show season has allowed families that were feeding and utilizing Hummel goats in their breeding programs to find more success that we could ever dream possible.  This includes Grands at Fort Worth, NAILE, American Royal and Grand or Reserve at 20 plus state fair shows.  It proves that if we can put solid genetics into capable hands the possibilities are endless.  We continue to push the envelope in our flush program in regard to numbers and we are restricted on space.  This corces our hand to only keep a small handful of donor does from each kid crop.  With that said, we not only have the best set of doe kids that we have ever produced, but we also are selling over 80% of the doe kid crop.  This gives breeders the opportunity to take advantage of the lead genetics that we have put together over the years and take a short cut to the top with one potential donor doe purchase.  I could not imagine a better business model in or out of the livestock business.  We are excited to offer this quality and hope these does get along as well for the new buyers as the flushmates that we kept get along here at home.  Thank you for taking the time to look at our set.

Buyers are responsible for delivery. Hummel Livestock will assist in coordinating rides as best possible.  Please contact Craig (815-383-9727) for delivery coordination.  Bob May (530-200-0866) is also available for deliveries throughout the country every three to four weeks.

April 15th & 16th Doe Sale Offering:



Hummel 101 will stamp the look and Top Gun/Wizard mothers should take care of the dam’s side of the pedigree.  Tag 5064 is put together with structural integrity in mind.  She is correct in her neck and shoulder placement.  She is extreme in her topline length and sets down as correct as any on her feet and legs.  It is hard to find goats with this shallow, tubular look that have structural integrity and enough shape.  She is wide chested and dead level down her top and out through her hip.  She could be taken to a wide range of bucks and likely hold the offspring true on structural build and look.  Her upper rib shape will benefit the handle in her offspring and her genetic base should generate true.


Welcome to one that has a genetic package that has been proven at the highest level.  Tag 5045 is a full sibling to the 2015 Fort Worth Stock Show Grand Champion wether.  She is hard muscled, freak fronted and wide chested.  The genetic prepotency runs strong and the likelihood of this doe having a huge genetic impact in her new home is a given.  We have several full siblings that will go directly into our donor program.  We have decided to offer a few does from this flush mating to the public.  If opportunities like this would have been available when we were getting started in the goat business the decision would not have been difficult.  Imagine what one bred like this can do in an aggressive flush program.  Her pedigree will get buyers attention and her offspring will bring them back time and time again.  Wether flushmates to tag 5045 sold as well as any in our first two sales.


Again Hummel 101 stamps another one with a deadly profile.  Tag 5063 is built with near ideal structural integrity and a lamb-like look.  Her freak neck ties high out of her shoulder, she is pushed up in her chest floor and nearly absent of any presence of a breast bone.  Her exceptional length of body and stout bone work is a unique combination that gets your attention when viewing her in person.  As with many of the flush matings we made this past season, we could not be more pleased with the outcome of the chosen matings.  We anticipate this will be the most successful year to date with the flushmate wethers to this set of does.  We have only brought our most elite does into our donor program and bred them to the bucks we felt would complement each of the donors to reach their fullest generating potential.  It worked and we are offering the result of what we consider to be the best of our best matings to you in this set of doe kids.  It should be easy to make giant steps with does bred like this that also look the part.  This level of quality has never been offered before in the wether industry. 


This doe kid is one that is hard to cut loose and is going to take another program to the top of the wether game on the fast track.  She handles with the biggest top of any we have made, let alone sold.  She is unique with her extremely wide chest floor and is nearly devoid of any breast bone.  Her muscular dimension through her hip and leg is unprecedented.  She had pulled out some of her lower leg hair and that takes away a bit from her balance on the profile, but we can assure you this extremely shallow, lamb-like look and clean chest floor, combined with her extra round rib and massive amount of muscle is difficult to replicate in any program.  I hope we have made it clear that she is on the cutting edge of making goats as muscular, round ribbed and cold fronted as any we have ever produced.  She needs to find a donor pen and be flushed for as long as she will produce. 


Like her sister, 5076, this doe kid is massive topped and stout from front to rear.  Tag 5065 is near ideal in her shoulder placement and chest floor.  It is exciting when we find a flush set that has outliers in the industry from top to bottom.  This doe looks as good loose in the pen or on a free stand as she does when braced.  Think about what your impression generally is when you view a pen full of loose goats.  This set defies the norm and will hopefully bring more outside interest into the wether producing game.  We are positive that tag 5065 will generate outliers and move the industry forward.  She will carry most bucks and should breed true. 


This Guns N Roses sired black paint doe is unique in her genetic base and her visual appeal.  Tag 5037 brings two genetic legends to the table while offering a look that is difficult to find.  She is pencil necked, shallow, wide and clean chested while handling with a round rib and a muscular rack.  Her markings, combined with her quality, give her an unsurpassed pen presence.  We feel this one could get along as well in the show ring as the donor pen.  The only flushmate wether to this doe sold extremely well and reminds us as much of our wether that was Grand at the 2014 American Royal as any we have produced.  Solid flush set with an outstanding individual in tag 5037.


This Bear daughter is exactly what we wanted to see happen when this flush mating was planned.  It is exciting, especially within the goat business, to finally see progeny consistency that one would expect from other livestock species.  Tag 5035 is solid from both a genetic and visual standpoint.  She handles with a muscular rack and loin and has tremendous upper rib shape.  We feel strongly that this one could have a huge impact on the wether industry.  We are confident this doe and many others in this offering are the best we have ever offered to the public.  We are selling 85% of our doe crop and this is the deepest offering we have had to date.  Tag 5035’s three flushmate wether siblings averaged $7,500 in our past two online sales.


Two genetic giants came together once again.  Tag 5038 is a big boned, attractive fronted doe that has a round upper rib.  Her ability to generate consistent offspring with quality and a show ring presence is strong.  In an ideal world we would breed her back to a 900 based buck to continue to tighten up the gamete pool.  Does like 5038 will have value for years to come and will produce doe kids that in turn will generate as well as any.  When a doe is bred this well and has a deadly lamb-like look on the profile, it’s easy to predict the outcome when she’s put an aggressive flush program.


This red doe is really cool in her design. She is tightly built, being clean and attractive up front, bold in her rib and standing down on great substance of bone. Poncho contributes the big hip and leg that we have come to expect. Her dam, the “05” donor, was purchased from Mock Livestock when we were getting started and spent several seasons in our flush pen. She consistently produces level designed, good looking kids. This tag 5129 doe is no exception. She grabs your attention running around the pen and doesn’t disappoint you when you get your hands on her.


It is simple for us to see the value in 5029.  She is lined up tight in regard to the many traits that are getting the attention of the rest of the livestock world.  There are plenty of the more traditional looking goats in the industry that are a bit thicker and looser hided, flatter and deeper in their rib and looser in their skeletal structure.  Tag 5029 is the result of the most progressive genetics that we have to offer.  The buck options are wide open for this doe as she will pass on the unique traits.  Study her freak neck, the pushed up, clean chest and the balance that she presents on the profile.  She is bred to and handles with great rib shape and hard muscle.  This Black Tail daughter will generate as a lead donor in nearly any operation.  Her flush sibling wether sold for $7,250 in our first online sale this year.


Tag 5041 genetically lines up hard muscle as far as you can line in up in a goat pedigree.  Poncho puts massive shape into nearly every one of his offspring.  Wizard on the dam side will put a llama-like neck and a shallow, tubular look with an ultra-round rib as well as any buck in the industry.  This doe kid blends these two bucks well.  Study her chest width, her clean, long neck and her round rib shape.  She is great in her underline from chest floor to flank and comes together extremely well on the brace. Like many in this sale, tag 5041 is a long way from show/sale fat.  What you see is not counterfeit and you will be pleased with how this set of does feeds.       Poncho daughters will have an industry impact for years to come.             


Those of you that have studied our genetic program will better understand the overwhelming genetic value found in tag 5007.  It is easy to appreciate her value after studying her picture and take into consideration her pedigree.  Poncho has made his impact felt at the Texas majors and is still our go-to buck for extreme muscular shape.  The Wizard x Zebra combination has been one of our most anticipated matings that will allow forward progression.  This Poncho daughter is as attractive as you can make one and handles with extra shape to her rack.  She is a thin, tight hided doe that will take wether production in the direction of quality livestock.  As with many of the does in this offering, her flushmate wether siblings sold exceptionally well and found great homes.  It will be an exciting summer.  You will be pleased every day you get a chance to study this one in your barn. 


This cape fronted doe is stout in her bone work and sets down on a big foot.  This mating has proved successful in the past.  Her flushmate wether sold extremely well and was one of the most popular in our barn.  This flush mating was what we had envisioned when we first jumped into the wether goat business.  Not only is 5071 bred with as many champion wethers in her pedigree as any, but she also has a great deal to offer from a visual standpoint.  She handles with solid upper rib shape and her loin blends well into her hip.  We feel this doe can work into the donor pen in even the most aggressive wether breeding programs. 


This paint doe holds herself as well as any despite being a bit full on picture day. The Bear kids are consistently some of the most complete kids we raise. They are nearly perfect in their skeletons and well balanced on the profile. Bear stamps the round rib and muscular shape in his offspring that the Wizard/Shrek lines have done for us in the past. Tag 5011 is no exception. She may be one of the boldest in her rib within the offering. She is a wide constructed doe that has a killer look from the profile, making her a valuable part of a show string and even more valuable as a flush doe.  


This doe kid is way green, but way good.  Study the look that Hummel 101 stamps in every offspring.  Her Showtime dam is sure to open the eyes of many wether producers.  Showtime females have been at the heart of our program from the beginning.  They are as wide-skulled and stout made as any in the industry.  We were anticipating greatness in this flush mating and were not disappointed.  This doe will mature with the look of Hummel 101 and the stout build and base width of Showtime.  This mating is predictability at its best.  Our goal is to get the quality to where we can maximize consistency and breed like to like each and every time.  Tag 5014 is one that fits the level of quality one would need to greatly improve consistency.


This girl is green, but bred as well as any in the industry.  This set of does were raised in a contemporary group of nearly 80 flush born doe kids.  In a group that large it is difficult to get maximum feed intake and as much bloom as one would like going into a sale.  We think the does are in good condition in regard to maximizing the embryo producing ability, but by no means “show or sale fat.”  Her dark pigmented head holds true to her genetic makeup.  Many have noticed that dark heads tend to dominate our donor lot.  It seems to directly correlate to those that exhibit a thin, tight hide and the more progressive look.  From a genetic standpoint this doe should generate well.


Anyone that has been through our show barn in the past few weeks has had the pleasure of seeing our two keeper buck kids out of our December group. One of those is the most extreme creatures we think has been made in the wether goat industry. This doe is a flushmate to that buck, sharing the same exotic look as her brother. Genetically, we cannot come up with a better mating. Poncho has had as many champions as any buck in our line up to date and we have yet to let Purple Tag leave the donor pen, even to have a natural kid, which should speak volumes to the amount of quality she has produced over her lifetime. Like many others in this offering, this doe is by no means in show condition, however she still has a unique look for being on the green side. We put as much confidence in tag 5044 as any in regard to her ability to generate.


The donor dam of this doe kid is one of the most extreme Guns N Roses daughters we have ever produced. The dark head and freak neck is a trademark of the Wizard lines. Putting a shot of Guns N Roses’ bone and power makes it a combination for success. Tag 5110 is a result of combining some of the hottest sires in our buck barn. She has a cobra-like neck that will add some extra look to her offspring when bred to any buck out there. Combine that with her extra bone and substance and here is a genetic breeding piece that will elevate a wether program to the top in just one generation.


Tag 5132 is a tall fronted, long bodied, level designed doe. We are excited with how Little Wiz is siring in his first kid crop. We wanted to give him a wide range of doe types in order to find what he worked the best on. He seems to work with most. The Harbour doe dam of 5132 was purchased in an online sale to be used as an outcross within our program. Tag 5132 gets her extra extension from her dam. We recommend a powered up buck be used on this doe. She has some look, but could use a shot more mass.


Top Gun has been one of the lead sires at both Kelly Meat Goats and Hummel Livestock.  He sires kids with a round rib that possess a massive hip and leg.  His strongest contribution has been his ability to sire mass into his offspring without sacrificing structural soundness. We have retained a large number of Top Gun does and will continue to heavily utilize his genetics in both our female base and as a wether sire.  This unique combination of being able to produce foundation females in addition to male market offspring that will compete at any level is a difficult task in any livestock species.  The Top Gun wethers in this offering are a good representation of what he can sire, not to mention the numerous champions that his daughters have produced.  It is our desire that this limited amount of semen has as large of an impact for another breeder as what Top Gun has had in our program.


Shakedown was the Champion buck at the 2012 Texas Wether Buck and Doe Show and Sale.  He was bred by Mike Harbour, out of Game Changer and a Powell-Holman doe.  Since the purchase of Kelly Meat Goats we had been in search of a partial outcross buck and Shakedown easily became the buck of choice during our trip to Fredericksburg.  Shakedown displays a massive inner leg with a big rack and a wide, flat loin.  He has generated offspring with similar attributes, including his structural soundness and bone, like we had hoped.  This buck has been a solid asset to our program and we hope he can add value to your breeding program as well.




                      Following are a few wethers that sold in previous online sales: