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**PLEASE NOTE: Hummel Livestock photos have not been Photoshopped or altered (scrunching), in ANY manner – intentionally or “unintentionally.”  Altering photos does not benefit the genetic potential.  It all comes out in the long run.

Upcoming Sale Dates:

Sale #1: Early March-born flush wethers, held June 2nd on!

Sale #2: Early March-born flush wethers, held June 18th on!

Sale #3: Late March-born flush wethers and early April natural born wethers.  This sale will be held early July.  Check back, as the date will be posted soon.

We will be selling approximately 90 March-April wethers in our first three sales.  We have just started weaning these kids and we are excited!  They are the most consistent group of kids we have had yet, both in terms of quality and muscle mass.  We will be posting some preview pictures of these kids over the coming weeks both on our website and Facebook.

We will be hosting one or two sales in September as well for the late-April through June-born wethers. 

- Call Holly at 815-405-4116, Dale at 815-405-4111, Craig at 815-383-9727 or Richard Millsap (Texas Contact) at 903-456-4039 to discuss the sale offering.

Following are pictures of the June 2nd Sale Offering:

The Shrek donor dam of this wether hit hard when bred to Little Wiz for our December born kids and did it again when flushed to Poncho for our March-born set.  Four December-born wethers out of this donor averaged over $9,000 and we retained what we thought to be the best one as a buck.  Tag 5200 is a hard one to put into words.  If you could see him in person “overwhelming” may be the best way to describe his presence.  Hard, expressive muscle with a naturally wide base to match.  He is as unique in his build, mass, look and bone – all tied together in a near perfectly constructed skeleton.    His handle is as near perfect as it gets.  He displays a great deal of upper rib shape with a muscular loin and an extremely wide pin set.  With proper management this one can run at any show in the country.


Muscle mass with a stout construction hits this Little Wiz kid dead on.  His upper rib shape compliments his handle.  His big rack works into a wide, dimensional loin that transitions smoothly into a powerful hip and hind leg.  Take a minute to consider the banners that have been hung on both sides of his pedigree.  The visual that this wether has, combined with a proven genetic profile should allow him to feed with the best out there.  I feel comfortable that this one can show under a variety of judges at the most competitive shows on the planet and make any exhibitor proud to walk him into the ring.  I cannot emphasize enough how stout this one is without sacrificing eye appeal.


Tag 5193 brings it all to the table.  This has been a challenge from day one in the goat business – to make them problem-free, yet as extreme in the traits that are taking this genetic base to the number one hole at some of the most competitive shows in the country.  To make one this wide at the ground and this powerful while maintaining a correct structural build and a great look is difficult.  5193 is deadly from every angle.  It is my belief that he should hit a wide variety of judges and is one that I think will compete as well as any at one of the big shows.  This flush mating will be repeated as often as possible.


Welcome to the game!  This proven genetic combination hit as hard as ever.  Tag 5202 was identified as a great one in the jug and has continued to confirm that status each and every day.  This paint is as big ended and round ribbed, with as much top side shape as any we have made.  His upper rib shape allows for an incredible handle.  His expressive forearm and overwhelming inner and outer leg shape will confirm that this one will present as muscular of a shape as any that will hit the ring this season.  Last year’s online wethers won as many state fairs and found as much success at the majors as any in history.  This wether, along with his flush counter parts, have the look and genetics to get the job done.  All this one needs is a committed youth to make it all happen.  Tag 5202 is living proof that we can make goats round ribbed and shallow bodied with incredible mass and a dynamic show presence.


This wether’s dam was out of the strongest single flush of the 2014/2015 kidding season.  This cape fronted goat is big racked with tremendous top side shape and great dimension to his leg and hip.  He is heads up in the pen and alert when on the move.  His extreme shape and paper thin hide compliments his attractive look, which is becoming a dominating trend in the show ring.  Poncho sired wethers prove to mature into some of the most expressively muscled goats currently being shown.  Tag 5278 brings together muscle mass with a pushed up chest floor and a round rib as well as any.  Rib shape sorts the every day goat from the elite.  Once you feed and show one that has the rack shape of a lamb it will become difficult to go back to the more common A-frame rib shape that mother nature intended for a goat. 


We were excited to bring Wizard and Guns N Roses together and it proved successful.  We are now utilizing Little Wiz on our proven Guns donor females with even greater success.  The dam of 5257 is a flushmate to the 2014 Grand Champion wether at the American Royal.  The Royal wether was one of the most popular that we have produced to date.  This wether is bred to be a champion.  His combined advantages are extreme stoutness, muscularity and a great look with show ring appeal.  His handle confirms a great deal of upper rib shape with a strong loin that transitions well into an extremely wide pin set. Possibly the most powerfully constructed wether we have made to date.


5250 is a flush mate to the only buck we kept out of the 2015 spring-born kid crop.  This one is dynamic in his build.  Working off of a stout skeleton he exhibits power from front to rear.  Most power goats are a bit jammed up and deeper sided.  Tag 5250 defies the norm with his pushed up chest floor and elevation.  He has a grooved top with a BIG, FLAT loin that transitions well into his hip.  His skeletal build reads quality and his muscular appearance gets your attention.  He can play at any show you choose.  In solid hands life-long memories will be made.  I have confidence in this one’s potential!


Extreme body length and a show ring presence fits this wether as well as any description.  Tag 5160 has a high metabolism and will not need as much exercise as most traditionally bred goats.  He will play well if fed as hard as possible all the way into the Texas Majors season.  This Poncho wether is near perfect in his lines and has begun to develop the muscular expression that Poncho has consistently sired.  This one may never play in the heavy division, but he will be as competitive as any as a light and medium division contender.  This is one that we had originally pulled for our youngest daughter to show as a class 1 goat in the north this summer, but we felt he had too much value to not get nominated for one of the big ones.  Study this one hard.  He has a unique look that will transfer to a strong ring presence.  This one takes today’s trendy, ‘lamb-like look’ to an extreme. 


Extreme power with bone and a great look.  I am not sure how else to describe this one.  Tag 5149 should show from now on into 2016 with success in every weight division.  With this degree of muscle mass minimal track or treadmill time will be required.  Feed hard and show even harder.  This wether is good enough to run at OYE or the Texas majors and find a great degree of success.  Tag 5149 is off the charts in regard to an extreme muscular handle.  His huge rack, loin and hip, combined with his stoutness of bone and shallow, round rib will be a dominating force at any level of competition.


Tag 5228 is one with a lot of good in him.  Starting from the front and working back, he is a wide chested wether that is stout in his bone work while still being thin-hided and tightly built.  He lays a grooved top over a shallow, round rib.  He is massive backed and ties flawlessly at his hip-loin junction.  Tag 5228 also has the right attitude.  He is upheaded and cocky in the pen – the one that grabs your attention.  Little Wiz has quickly become one of our lead sires and this one is a prime example of why.  He is able to pack them full of muscle, yet still give them today’s trendy, ‘lamb-like’ show ring appeal.  This one will be hard to miss.


When this all began it was our goal to bring Guns N Roses and the lined up 900/Wizard genetics together.  We have put together a strong base of Guns N Roses x Wizard does that we are now coming back on with a lined up Wizard buck and the results, in regard to consistently producing high end show wethers, has been dead on.  Tag 5265 is one of two that we left as bucks.  We have chosen a bit more lined up billy kid to keep, with the effort to continue to limit genetic variation.  This show prospect offers hard muscle and massive bone in a big, shallow package with a near ideal handle to his rack, loin and hip.  His flawless wide, flat loin blends perfectly into his hip.  We feel confident that this one can go into the heavier weight classes and play as hard as any.  He is truly unique in terms of putting together the many quality traits often not found in the goat world.  We will band him and keep him until he is 100%.


Here is one of the most complete wethers in the offering.  This little Wiz son gets your attention when loose in the pen.  His upheaded, cocky attitude is one that will get recognized in the ring.  His quality is evident as you study him from front to back.  His clean, wide chest ties into an open forerib and round upper rib.  He handles with a big rack and a flat, wide loin.  He is bred with champion genetics that run deep on both sides.  Tag 5176 will run hard at the summer and fall shows and then find a sale slot at one of the big ones. 


This paint wether is as big ended as any and presents himself with a great look.  He carries a big rack into an opened up forerib and handles with a muscular loin and hip.  Hummel 101 stamped this one with his dynamic look.  The way 5293 holds himself together on the move will insure a look as you come through the gate and his handle will run him into one of the top holes.  I think this one will be heavy enough to jackpot all summer and into fall with early 2016 being his target show as a heavy weight.  His mature muscle mass with a good look will serve him well at the majors.


This round ribbed, big topped paint wether will be able to jackpot all summer and fall, then run hard in the heavy division in 2016 at any of the big ones.  Tag 5292 handles with a big rack and a wide, flat loin that transitions flawlessly into his hip.  This degree of muscle mass placed onto a wether with a long, tubular body and structurally correct skeleton will be hard to get around.  He is able to check all the fundamental basics while presenting a great look.  His handle, natural base width and muscularity will serve him well as he begins his show career.


Tag 5198 has the deadly look that Hummel 101 stamps with the muscle mass of his Wizard donor dam.  This elevated, shallow chested wether combines a great presence with top side shape and a muscular leg.  This wether will run as hard as any and can be taken to that 100 pounds plus with overwhelming mass and still a youthful, lamb-like look.  Quality livestock and youth that are willing to work create life long memories.  This wether is bred to be a champion and has the visual to get it done.


There is no question that Top Gun is still the ‘go to’ buck back on our tightest lined up Wizard/Shrek donors.  Tag 5209 is correct in his skeletal build, paper thin and tight hided and expressive in his muscular shape.  When you combine these traits with a shallow chest floor and a great look on the profile you have one that represents what we refer to as ‘good livestock.’  Solid from every angle, with the show ring presence you have come to expect with the given genetics.  This breeding is tried and true and has produced champions at both state fairs and the Texas Majors.


5172 is a big boned goat with a big, round rib.  He hits the ground wide and goes away from you just as wide.  He has the look you would expect from Hummel 101 and Wizard, with the added bonus of incredible skeletal dimension.  This wether should develop as much power as one would like and still maintain a great show ring presence.  He would likely handle nearly any county show.  This one was nervous picture day, but looks good every day loose in the pen.


This dark red wether has always had a dynamic pen presence.  His neck ties high out of his shoulder and his long, level, tubular look has always been noticed.  The bonus feature to one this attractive is that I see the Poncho muscle mass developing more each and every day.  The 2015 reserve grand at Fort Worth was on this path last year at this time.  There is a fine line between “green” and narrow, light-muscled goats.  This one crossed over that line a few weeks back and has progressed exactly as one would desire.  His unique combination of bone and elevation with that trendy, lamb-like body will contribute a great deal to his show ring success.  Color will get you a look, so you better have a good one that deserves the pull. 


This paint wether will feed easy and should be a contender at most county shows.  This one is massive from behind and should not get out powered at many shows.  He should feed easy and respond well to an exercise program.  I think this wether could get pushed to hit a targeted fall show or could be taken slow into 2016.  Solid goat that should be easy to manage.  Feed and exercise.


Good looking and heads up, long and tubular with an adequate degree of muscle best describes 5175.  Extremely shallow bodied with a long, pencil-like neck.  Genetically he is later in his maturity pattern and when mature muscle mass fully develops with this type of look he should be a handful at the most competitive shows.  His muscular shape is already present and should continue to develop.  Few goats can bring this look with muscular expression.


This was one of the easiest to picture in the offering.  He comes together with no effort.  This level of cooperation would make a great project for a young exhibitor to run hard at a county show.  Tag 5177 gives you a great look when stuck.  His attractive profile, combined with an acceptable degree of muscle will make him competitive.  In an ideal world I would like to bring him up a touch on his pasterns.  He may require his feet trimmed more often to help accommodate.  This one should be a competitive jackpot/county goat that will prove to give a young exhibitor a positive experience.


Tag 5196 sheared with a big, grooved top, in addition to an expressive forearm and leg.  Elevation, grow and look wound up into one package.  His ability to gain weight would allow him to show as early as one would like.  He is ready to jackpot now and could be shown heavy on a points circuit through the summer and fall.  Slow him up a bit and he could show in the heavy division on into 2016.


This wether would work well for a county show.  He shows with enough bone, rib and muscle to get along.  He is practical in his kind and should be an easy feeder with some grow in him.  He is bred to mature with some natural dimension.  Combine his upper rib shape with his elevation and extension and he becomes a solid goat.


Tag 5181 is extreme in his chest width and stoutness of bone.  He handles with a round rib and hits you strong with his width at the ground.  He should be an easy feeding, practical wether that will not be difficult to manage.  I think he can jackpot this summer and fall with a wide weight versatility window.  He should compete well at numerous jackpot and county shows.


The greenest wether in the sale is tag 5286.  This wether comes together well when stuck.  He presents a shallow chest and a great profile.  We have found ones like 5286, when pushed hard, are the ones that will surprise you in the end.  The Reserve wether at Fort Worth last year, shown by Payton Williams, was at a similar stage at this point in his maturity.


This wether is practical in his build and handles with a round rib.  He hit the feeder hard picture day, but you can still evaluate how tucked up he is in his chest floor.  He is wide and clean chested and transitions this into an opened up forerib.  His stout look is justified with his added bone and natural base width.  He may not be able to run at the grand hole at the majors, but he should find a sale slot and be a contender at even the toughest of county shows. 




                      Following are a few wethers that sold in previous online sales: