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**PLEASE NOTE: Hummel Livestock photos have not been Photoshopped or altered (scrunching), in ANY manner – intentionally or “unintentionally.”  Altering photos does not benefit the genetic potential.  It all comes out in the long run.

Upcoming Sale Dates:

** March 22nd-23rd, 20-25 Embryo Transfer wethers, hosted by

     – Open House viewing March 21st, 9-4 and March 22nd, 9-12

** April 7th-8th, 20-25 Embryo Transfer wethers, hosted by

      – Open House viewing April 5th, 9-4

** April 13th, SCOnlineSales Consignment Sale, wethers and semen, hosted by 
      – Consignors: Hummel Livestock, Goretska Livestock – IA, Cedarcrest Farms – IA and Havin’ Hope Livestock – CO

      – Viewing by Appointment

** Doe Sales will be held April 15th-16th and April 27th-28th on

      - Open House viewing April 11th and April 25th from 9-4

- Call Holly at 815-405-4116, Dale at 815-405-4111, Craig at 815-383-9727 or Richard at 903-456-4039 to discuss the sale offering.


Online Wether sale March 22nd & 23rd, hosted by

Hummel Livestock Families found great success in both the 2014 and early 2015 show seasons. The Champions list includes 22 State Fair Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion Slots, 2014 Fort Worth Stock Show Grand Champion, 2015 Fort Worth Stock Show Grand and Reserve Grand Champions, 2013 and 2014 NAILE Grand Champions, 2014 American Royal Grand Champion, 2014 and 2015 Houston Stock Show and Rodeo Reserve Division Champions, 2014 Reserve Grand and 2015 Reserve Heavy Division Rodeo Austin, 2014 Reserve Grand and 2015 Grand Champion Dixie National, 2014 TJLA Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Rings A and B.

We feel this set of December born flush kids that will be selling in the first two online sales are considerably higher quality and much deeper than the set of kids from last year that found unprecedented success. Do not let sale order cloud your vision, as many goats capable of winning at the highest level are scattered throughout the sale, such as lot 23 being a full sibling to the powerful wether that wins Fort Worth last month. Last year we felt we had a handful of wethers we thought could hang a banner at the national level that did indeed go on to win some of the most competitive shows in the country. This sale group, as well as the April 7th sale group, runs 15 plus wethers deep with this same quality. Please feel free to call with any questions. We will guide you as best possible to insure that your expectations are met. All of our wethers will be sold via online sales; no goats have been held back for private treaty sales. We hope you enjoy the offering.

Buyers are responsible for delivery. Hummel Livestock will assist in coordinating rides as best possible.  Please contact Craig (815-383-9727) for delivery coordination.  Bob May (530-200-0866) is also available for deliveries throughout the country every three to four weeks. In addtion, we will be delivering goats to the Premier 10 sale in Richmond, IN on March 28th and would be happy to assist with coordinating rides from that sale. 

March 22nd-23rd Sale Offering:

This was one of those five buck kids that we kept in order to narrow down to the one that we said we would keep out of the kidding group.  It is not that these bucks would not become a valuable part of our program, but rather we had a tremendous 2014 and each buck kid kept may be one less state fair, Dallas, NAILE or American Royal banner that one of our families may not receive.  We are proud of our record and the customer service we provide, but most importantly the relationships that we have built with our many respected families that have found success with our genetics.  Tag 5100 will represent our family as well as any in the offering.  He is stout made, big boned, big racked and muscular in his loin and leg.  He is fundamental in his skeletal build and has a club calf look.  Quality livestock will be noticed  and unique livestock are hard to make.  We have faith that this one could run at the state fair season and on into the fall. Just feed and show.  He has what it takes to bring home a championship anywhere you choose to run him.  Our family has begun talking more about quality of life and what makes us happy.  This one will make you happy each time you have a chance to get to the barn.  His pictures speak for his quality much louder than my words.


Little Wiz is a full sibling to Wizard.  At this point he has been able to bring all the look, thin hide and hard muscle that Wizard has generated all while adding additional bone and a near perfect hip and hind leg.  The first kid born out of Little Wiz we kept as a buck and we will keep many more as we look into the future.  Tag 5001 is as good as we can make one.  Study this kid’s combination of look, bone and mass.  He is incredibly tucked up in his chest floor, handles with a monster rack and loin and brings this mass back into a big, correct hip and leg.  It is so difficult at this stage in the wether industry to bring the mass, look and structural integrity into one package.  Over time this will become the norm.  This flush-born kid does not look like a typical goat and will get the attention of nearly any livestock enthusiast.  He may be the best representative we can put out into the public to showcase our latest stud buck, Little Wiz.  I have confidence that with the proper management this one can land at a big one with success. 


We reached out and grabbed the young bucks for our July flush.  Bear only had a few kids in his first kid crop and still produced the 2015 Grand Wether at the Dixie National.  This one is pictured a touch full, but he is the most powered up Bear wether we have had to date.  He is exciting in his crazy rib shape and the handle to his rack.  Top side shape is off the charts.  He carries this mass into a wide pin set and hits the ground wide on all corners.  I see this type of goat put into hands with the desire to find the backdrop achieving as much success as any in the offering.  Jump in with both feet on this one and you will not be wondering why you let him go as you haul through the show season. 


Full sibling to the 2015 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Grand Champion wether.  This may be a more attractive wether than his full sibling at this age.  He is extreme in his elevation and width of chest, comes strong out of his shoulder into a round rib, comes out into a wide pin set and sets down wide and square on his corners.  The sibling that wins Fort Worth is without question the biggest racked, loined and legged goat that I have ever had the opportunity to place my hands upon.  We knew that if Poncho was flushed to does that would genetically compliment his overwhelming ability to generate hard muscle that great things would follow.  I cannot speak highly enough about the faith we have in this mating and this individual wether.  Buyer confidence should be high on this one.  He reads with a unique quality found in few and a proven genetic base.  He will feed and he will compete at any show in the country.  Again, as with many in this flush set, their pictures speak for themselves better than I can put into words.


Taking Little Wiz onto one of our best Guns N Roses donor females may have been one of the best mating decisions that we made last year.  All of the wethers from this flush-mating simply over power you in person with their extreme muscularity and round rib shape.  It is exciting to watch the progress with each ‘next generation’ mating.  We will continue to reach as far outside the box to push that envelope further each year.  This black headed wether is as solid as they get.  Meat animal shape from front to rear with the balance and structural correctness to accommodate his mass.  Combine all of this into a look that would intimidate most of your competition and you will enjoy your family time in the barn and at the shows.


This Black Tail son is ready to run at any of the summer state fairs and could continue well into the fall shows.  Deadly attractive, round ribbed and deep twisted with skeletal integrity and a muscular build.  This checks more than enough boxes to have a commanding presence at the toughest state fairs in the country.  His extra-long, shallow body type, combined with a dead level top line allows him to look as good as any champion lamb.  It is a challenge to bring goats up to the quality that we have come to expect in other species, but when you focus on that goal each and every day goats like tag 5114 become more common, rather than a rarity.  His unique presence and unforgettable color pattern will get him noticed at any level in any state.  Nothing to question with this one.   


Tag 5028 is our first wether offered out of another lead young buck, “Black Tail.”  We decided to flush Black Tail to one of our proven does that produced a 2014 reserve champion division wether at the Houston Stock Show.  Black Tail is near perfect in his structural integrity with a long, tubular look and a great deal of muscle.  This paint wether is exactly what we envisioned when this mating was discussed.  He is extreme in his round rib and tubular look while being dead level out of his shoulder, down his top and out through his hip.  The splash of dark pigment on his hip is in the right location and adds to his presence.  It will prove to be an asset in the ring.  It is difficult to find wethers with this good of a skeletal build that have the combination of incredible rib shape and muscle mass in addition.  This one does not need changed in any area.  He checks all the boxes.  Tag 5028 has the grow to show at the early state fairs, in addition to being able run at Dallas, the American Royal or NAILE.    


Little Wiz will generate quality each and every time with the added advantage of leg SHAG!  Tag 5109 has a deadly amount of mass and bone wrapped up in an extra stout, shallow package.  He is opened up wide in his chest floor and forerib.  He carries this back with a monster rack, loin and upper hip.  Club calf stout and lamb shallow with a llama neck and hog butt.  He is a unique creature that brings more quality livestock traits to the table than 99% of the goat population.  He is one of the smallest goats in the sale, but he is also one of the stoutest made, shallowest chested wethers that could be shown as long as show rules permit.  You will enjoy every trip to the barn if this one finds his way your direction.  Remember, it is all about quality of life and some animals are much more pleasing to start your day off feeding.


Many livestock enthusiasts have commented on our Grand wether from this past American Royal.  He was as universally accepted with good livestock people as any we have made, breaking across species boundaries.  Tag 5030 is a ¾ sibling to that wether and just as importantly this one has a near ideal build and look at this age as what the Royal grand wether had at sale time.  We think this one can play just as hard and gather just as many fans as his ¾ sibling from last year.  His fundamental build that allows him to check all the boxes that one would want at this stage of the game are present.  Put him on a solid feeding protocol with a committed exhibitor and the possibilities are endless. 


This is another stout one.  Tag 5027 is big backed, round ribbed and wide in his pin set.  He sets down wide front and rear on a big foot.  He grabs your attention when he’s running around the pen, then you get even more excited about him when you put your hands on him.  He’s explosive in his rib shape and tucked up in his forerib.  His flush group is consistently barrel ribbed and stout featured.  He also handles with a deep loin and exhibits a big upper hip.  Tag 5027 may be described as a power goat with bone and a cool, shallow look.  He offers the extra dimension from every angle.  Few goats can compete next to this much mass in a great looking package. 


This paint kid was one of our favorites in the jug.  As you can see, he made the final cut of a total of five buck kids that we have now sorted down to only one stud buck replacement out of a deep kidding group.  I hope that speaks volumes for this wether.  His freak front end with near absence of a breast bone will hit the judge hard as he enters the ring.  He is extreme in his paper-thin hide, shallow chest, round rib and impeccable look on the profile.  Black Tail is in our program to add the additional body length and skeletal integrity without losing muscle mass or an extreme lamb-like look.  We could not be more pleased with how this paint wether and his other kids look at this stage of the game.  He will generate a great deal of attention this summer and will be able to contend at any of the state fair or fall shows.  He is the caliber that you need to take if you want to be one of the few lucky enough to land a big one. 


Tag 5086 was at the feeder hard picture day.  He looks just like what his genetics would suggest. He is one of the most massive goats in the sale. It does not matter what the targeted show is, this guy will not get out powered. He has a huge forerib with a big rack sitting on top of it. He transitions into one of the widest, deepest loins with an overwhelming amount of hip and leg shape. Once this guy gets propped up on the profile he is still a long bodied, level designed goat that has a neat front end in him. He’s a real power house with just enough look to bring him even more attention in the ring during the final drive.


Here is another state fair quality goat out of Bear.  This is what we have come to expect when putting Bear on our top end donor does.  Tag 5080 may be the closest to the balanced package that will hit the majority of judges as any in the sale.  The basics never go out of style: skeletal integrity, proportional balance of muscle and look and a commanding presence that will allow you to hit the ring with confidence.  This dark headed weather is thin hided, long bodied and dead level.  Flush consistency is at an all-time high and this one will represent our family well as he goes into his new home. 


This Bear sired wether brings one of the best handling hip/loin hook-ups of any in the offering.  Tag 5017 is dynamic in his ability to blend muscularity, skeletal integrity and length of body into one complete package.  His presence will be felt each time he hits the ring.  He presents with the muscularity and a deadly look in a truly unique package.  This is what we had hoped Bear would bring to the table.  Study this wether’s forearm shape and tubular look.  He is one to take to the bank at the targeted show of choice.  We feel strongly that he can show as a contender through spring, summer and fall.  Push all the way and enjoy the extra mass that comes with each additional day of maturity.  His initial impression as he enters the ring will grab the judge’s attention and his impeccable handle will take him to the top.


Black Tail is adding the extra length of body and structural integrity that we had hoped he would.  He will be used heavily as we move forward with our program.  Tag 5047 is a complete, attractive, well put together wether.  He is well organized in his lines and offers a lamb-like look.  He is tall fronted, shallow bodied and offers extra extension.  He is one of the greener wethers in the offering, but gets more impressive each day.  Placed into the right home we see a lot of mileage coming out of this one.    


A dynamic look in a structurally correct package.  This wether hit the feed hard picture day, but it would not take much to get him right in his lines.  You can appreciate the great front shot and deadly profile.  When you get around behind him you are not disappointed.  He is elevated in his chest floor and should hit the ring with more of a lamb-like look than most he will compete against.  ‘Attractive, with muscle’ seems to go a long way in the goat arena.  In Bears first kid crop he sired the Grand Champion wether at the 2015 Dixie Nationals. 


Black Tail is doing exactly what we anticipated when we made the decision to keep him a buck.  Structural integrity, with a near perfect topline.  All without sacrificing any rib shape, muscularity or the unique look that we have placed selection emphasis upon for many generations.  This paint wether handles with a massive top and loin.  He is as muscular as any back into his hip with an extremely deep, muscular twist.  He is one of the heavier wethers in the offering that could run hard as early as you would like.  This degree of elevation and presence combined with his shear muscle mass is hard to achieve.  It should be exciting to walk this one into the ring at any level of competition.  His mass when viewed in person is complimented by a near ideal handle.


From a genetic standpoint we cannot put together two more proven lines, which is why you will not see this one’s twin in any of the sales. He made the final cut into the buck pen.  This Poncho kid shares the same extreme shape and power as the Fort Worth Champion.  He is possibly the most expressive from behind as any we have made to date.  The freak neck and extreme chest comes from the other side of his pedigree.  Purple Tag has been in the donor pen since she arrived at Hummel Livestock from Kelly’s.  She is the definition of a true freak.  Her kids share the same extreme qualities, making them standouts in the ring.  You can’t go wrong with this genetic combination, especially when it clicks the way this one has. 


The pedigree alone on this wether should be enough to get any showman or feeder excited. When these two successful sires come together only good things seem to happen. Tag 5123 has all of the look and eye appeal on the profile when stuck as any judge should ever need. He is one of the greenest in this set, however he still has the right shape to suggest he will grow into himself and prove he was the sleeper of this offering. If we learned anything from last year it is that wethers with this pedigree and look that are a little greener should not be overlooked. Just ask Courtney Millsap about her Kansas City wether from last year.


This dark headed wether may still be a touch green, but the number of champions at state fairs, national shows and Texas majors that comes from both sides of this one’s pedigree is staggering.  There has not been two bucks any more dominant in the history of the wether business.  This one is a good goat in one of the deepest sets we have ever assembled.  Tag 5066 has a muscular hip and leg and gathers up well on the profile.  He is clean chested, long bodied and will mature with a ‘great meat animal shape.  He should dominate the toughest of county shows and be a contender at the more competitive state fairs.


As we progress forward with the new school genetics based off of the most proven wether sires in the country we are confident that several generations of heavy selection pressure will allow forward momentum to continue.  This Bear flush kid is extreme in his tubular shape and body length.  He handles with a wide loin.  He cooperates as well as any in regard to being an easy one to get shown this early in the game.  His donor dam is a Wizard on a Guns N Roses and is one of the most exciting donors in our program.  This is what we had envisioned years ago when bringing Wizard and Guns N Roses together, then back on a lined up Shrek buck.  Bear has consistently brought structural integrity and mass to the table.  With a solid feeding protocol and a young exhibitor with desire to succeed tag 5010 should allow success to follow.


This wether was pictured way full as we did not have time to do more than wash, clip and picture while on full feed.  Despite the added center body, Tag 5113 is a cool fronted, long, level made wether.  He will be an easy feeding wether who has enough shape from behind. This was Black Tail’s first kid crop and as you can see from this set, he will likely be used a lot heavier in the future. His kids are long and cool looking with really wide, smooth loin edges and a deep leg and twist.  This paint wether is no exception, as he does all those things and then some. It should be easy to catch the judge’s eye with his added extension and unique look.


We can’t explain the anticipation we felt waiting for this year’s flush group to hit the ground. Having a few more of these full siblings to the Grand at Fort Worth this year made it that much better. Like his brother, 5024 has great top shape and a powerful hip. He is really deep twisted with a big leg. He exhibits a lot of power and expression from behind and enough look and extension to catch any judge’s attention when he hits the ring. We have a lot of confidence in this mating.


This paint wether is as “next generation” as it gets.  This past summer we flushed the best of the Zebra doe kids that we have ever produced.  Zebra offspring have won at every level, both in the North and South.  The hard muscle expression and deadly lamb look has been way out there when we would put Wizard on Zebra.  We took the best doe kid out of this mating and flushed  her to our most extreme muscle buck, Poncho and the results are exciting.  There was minimal calculated risk in this mating and the numbers proved true.  This paint is good looking, expressively muscled and bred to mature with mass.  Study his chest floor and clean breast plate.  Evaluate the correctness out through his hip and the shape to his hind leg.  We pride ourselves on producing some of the roundest ribbed, most attractive goats in the industry.  This one is bred to win and has the visual indicators.  In the proper home he will compete. 


Tag 5003 is a long patterned, elegant wether that stands tall at the point of his shoulder and showcases a clean, attractive front end.  He handles with a good top and loin and impresses with the way he is able to hold his topline together with the added extension he has to offer.  Poncho is known for siring a great deal of mature mass in his offspring.  With time and feed this wether will be fun to drag to shows.  The unique neck and streamline profile is a Zebra trademark.  Zebra genetics will take a bit longer to mature, but are always deadly in their look.


Tag 5122 is the greenest goat in the sale and will likely be overlooked by many. However, Fracture is notorious for having late maturing kids that come on strong at the end. Just like Payton Williams’ lot 12 wether from our June sale last year that went on to be Reserve Grand at Fort Worth this year. Like Payton’s wether, 5122 is extremely long and extended. He has a tubular lamb-like look with a lot of expression over his top and out through his hip and leg. This one will take some feed and attention to get to that high of a level, but won’t disappoint by show day.


The last lot in the sale will get over looked by many simply because he isn’t as flashy as some of the top end in the sale.  However there will be one lucky customer who has the last bid that will own what is likely to be one of the best values in the sale. This wether didn’t picture the best however the green ones almost never do. He has some shape over his rack and enough upper hip and leg to go along with that added extension and length of body. One that will do nothing but get better and better as the season goes on.




                      Following are a few wethers that sold in previous online sales: