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**PLEASE NOTE: Hummel Livestock photos have not been Photoshopped or altered (scrunching), in ANY manner – intentionally or “unintentionally.”  Altering photos does not benefit the genetic potential.  It all comes out in the long run.

Upcoming Sale Dates:

** October 15th & 16th, March flush does will be offered online at

- Call Craig at 815-383-9727 or Dale at 815-405-4111 to discuss the sale offering.



Online Doe sale September 15th & 16th, hosted by

Buyers are responsible for delivery. Hummel Livestock will assist in coordinating rides as best possible.  A ride will be available to Texas via Missouri and Oklahoma on October 18th-19th.  We can also deliver to Kansas City during the American Royal wether show October 21st and 22nd. Please contact Craig (815-383-9727) for delivery coordination.  Bob May (530-200-0866) is also available for deliveries throughout the country every three to four weeks.   

This is potentially the most elite set of donor/show prospects that we have offered to date.  Study the genetic base of each of these doe kids, as they are the result of our lead donors bred to our best bucks. The pictures are unaltered and should represent the goats accurately. Please feel free to call with any questions and we will do our best to answer them with integrity.  We are more than happy to discuss the good and the bad in each individual.

So far, in 2014 Hummel Livestock’s wether exhibitors have found their way to 21 Grand or Reserve Grand Champion slots at State Fairs across the country. We are proud of the level of commitment exhibited by these Stock Show Kids, allowing them to find their way to the backdrop. The families that we have had the pleasure to support this year have been dedicated to making each day count. The hours spent in the barn have paid off in the showring, but more importantly, it has facilitated invaluable family time. We are excited for the youth heading to the Royal, NAILE and the upcoming majors. 

Following are the lots being offered:

Bear is quickly making an impact at Hummel Livestock. This flush doe kid has Wizard/Shrek lined up tight on both sides of her pedigree. Change is accomplished via breeding extremes. When genetics are lined up this tight, consistency and prepotency often prevail. We have focused on flushing our best does to the bucks that will continue to progress our program forward. This doe kid should fit well into any aggressive wether-producing program. We are breeding Bear to a variety of does to determine what genetics he compliments to the fullest. You can be assured that the mother of tag 384 will stay in our donor lot and be flushed to Bear as long as she can produce viable eggs. A flushmate wether to 384 recently won the 2014 Mississippi State Fair and several other flushmates will be heading to the Texas Majors. Tag 384 is unique in her build, as she combines structural integrity with incredible muscle mass and an outstanding look. We try to breed them all to look like this one, with a genetic base that will pass these traits on to her progeny. Unfortunately, the goat breeding business in not nearly that simple. Those in the livestock business understand the challenge to bring everything together into one animal. This one is opened up in her skeleton, pushed up in her chest floor and presents a lamb-like look. We feel the unaltered photos speak for her better than I can in a description. She makes the donor pen from both a genetic and visual perspective. I am confident she will become a valued genetic piece at in any progressive wether producing operation.


The discussion at Hummel Livestock has been about focusing on proven key donor females and continuing to build a base around those given females.  Purple Tag is one of those females.  Here is an opportunity to purchase a doe with Shrek on both sides of her pedigree. Shrek is a true outlier in the industry and has the ability to make significant change in one generation. Our Shrek donor females have hit as hard as any in regards to producing elite wethers.  We often have livestock breeders ask about this unique look that we have bred into our genetics.  With that in mind, we thought that we would offer one that can incorporate that same look into their respective programs.  We cannot make one more dynamic in his/her look than what we have in this doe.  Her neck ties extremely high out of her shoulder, she displays a shallow, tubular look and a near perfect topline and tail set.  Her llama-length neck, set upon a correct skeleton is a rare commodity in the goat business.  Study her front shot to better evaluate her pushed up chest floor, pencil-like neck and forearm expression, all placed into a well-constructed shoulder.  This doe kid’s exotic look allows for unparalleled buck versatility.  Lights Out, bred to one of our lead “Purple Tag” Shrek donor females, is truly the heart of our program.


This one’s presence naturally draws attention. Tag 4377 is possibly the most opened up in her skeleton and presents as much muscle mass as any in the offering. This power is complimented with near perfect structural integrity.  She displays an ultra-round rib and deadly look loose in the pen. Quality livestock best describes this doe kid. These are the kind that cross over families appreciate. Those individuals claim to know little about what goats need to look like but those that truly see livestock well find this kind in the barn with ease. I explain to many livestock enthusiasts to search for one that is fundamentally sound with a show ring presence, not one that is what a goat is presumed to look like. As you can tell, this doe is one of the best that we have chosen to offer to the public. In a flush program, she can take you to the top of the industry very quickly.


It is without question that this one has value.  With the quality of does in this offering, sale order was not a concern.  Tag 4350 is a full sibling to ‘Catfish,’ possibly the highest selling buck in the goat industry.  His genetics worked well for Powell-Holman.  This doe is the most extended kid that the dam of Catfish has produced.  Combine her skeletal extension with the extreme muscle mass that Catfish has proven to generate and she becomes a rare find.  Our embryo transfer program is progressing us forward with a high level of success so we will be marketing nearly all of our doe offspring with exception of the few that are needed to replace current donors.  That means that we are now selling out of what has been our keeper pen in the past.  We are excited to see how this quality generates for the new owners.  Marketability of this one’s offspring or the value of a buck kid or replacement does out of her is hard to measure.


Tag 4279 is a flushmate to another one of our high selling spring born wethers.  This is the only route to access the Poncho x Wizard genetics.  To have both in this does immediate pedigree is unique at this point.  We plan to continue this combination until we can come up with a better one.  Some sires are good for a season and others withstand the test of time.  Wizard has proven himself time and again. I assume many can see the value of bringing Poncho onto our lined up Wizard genetics.  Poncho can generate as much muscle mass as any buck we have used and Wizard has a track record of producing great looking, shallow bodied, big racked offspring that have been crowned champions across the country.  This one is still immature in her development, but deadly good.  Study her lines, evaluate how unique she is within her species, and then determine her monetary value.  Poncho is our lead wether sire and this one’s mother is one of our lead Wizard-sired donor females.  Many talk about offerings being directly out of a keeper pen or the heart of their program.  I am certain that this one, bred how she is and with her distinguishable build, is the type that is propelling our program forward, not just maintaining status quo.  This Poncho doe is elevated in her front end, with a neck that comes straight up out of her shoulder.  She is extremely shallow bodied and pushed up in her chest, while presenting skeletal integrity.  Tag 4279 is a flushmate to the Grand Champion wether at the Four States Fair and Rodeo and several of our lead wethers that are heading to the Texas majors.


Tag 4327 is the result of a partial outcross to our genetic base.  She is functional in her kind and brings solid genetics to the table.  Her neck ties high, she is big-bodied and has a brood doe type look with the genetic potential to generate top end wethers and replacement does.  I would think her genetic base would allow a multitude of buck options.     















             Small group of 2-6 year old Open Does available.  Please call for details.                                                                               



                      Following are a few wethers that sold in last year’s online sales: