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**PLEASE NOTE: Hummel Livestock photos have not been Photoshopped or altered (scrunching), in ANY manner – intentionally or “unintentionally.”  Altering photos does not benefit the genetic potential.  It all comes out in the long run.

Upcoming Sale Dates:

Spring-born flush doe kid sale on on November 10th & 11th. 

- Call Dale at 815-405-4111 or Craig at 815-383-9727 to discuss the sale offering.

Delivery:  Delivery options are available.  We will assist with coordinating.  Please contact Holly Hummel at 815-405-4116 for further information.

        Pictures below is the sale offering for the Nov 1oth & 11th Sale:

Tag 5185 is near perfect in her handle, as she hits you hard with a big rack and an extra wide, flat loin.  We have five flushmates that will be put into our donor program.  Think about the number of champions at Texas Majors and State Fairs across the country that Poncho and Guns N Roses have sired.  You have both right here in one deadly package.  I am not sure how much more you can ask from a doe kid, from both a genetic of visual standpoint.  There is no question this one could be the foundation female to build a program or one that would add value to any existing program.  With a pedigree as stated and a picture that represents her accurately, without alterations.  Little more needs said.  They will talk about this one at the coffee shop.



In the 2015 show season full siblings to 5240 captured Grand Champion titles at both the Fort Worth Stock Show and the Arkansas State Fair.  This doe handles with a big rack and loin.  Her wether siblings continued to mass to extreme levels with maturity.  She is bred to generate as much muscle as any in the industry with the added advantage of bone and a quality livestock look.  Genetics that we have lined up as tight as this one should have minimal genetic variation and in turn generate consistent and true to phenotype.  Think about how this one is bred.  Contemplate the genetic potential that she offers and study the visual indicators that are what the show ring demands.  I recommend she finds her way into a donor program.  We currently have six full siblings in our flush program.  I am often asked what direction we are going in the wether goat ring?  Here it is; she is dead on.



Little Wiz is a full sibling to Wizard.  We have discovered, as you can see in this doe kid, that Little Wiz can produce the look and hard muscle that Wizard stamps, but add bone, leg hair and a more desirable hip and hind leg.  We flushed heavily to Little Wiz this past breeding season and our expectations are high.  This Little Wiz daughter is solid from every angle.  She hits all the basics, then bumps up the look, muscle and rib shape another level.  Many have been fortunate to purchase doe kids out of our sale that flushed well and they are now building a doe base that will become a foundation for success.  We are high on this one visually and we will create more with this exact pedigree.  Bid with confidence, this one will not disappoint. 



Color, with a unique body type and a pedigree that has as many champions at Majors coming from both the top and the bottom as any in the industry.  This Poncho-sired doe is hard muscled and way pushed up in her chest with a complimentary round rib.  Her extra rack shape, tight hide and lamb-like appearance should allow her to stay ahead of the trend.  There is no question that the industry continues to improve each year, trending toward skeletally sound, quality livestock with a presence and look that is found in sheep, cattle and hogs that have been bred to succeed in the show ring.  The champions in the pedigree of this paint are overwhelming.  Combine her stellar genetic base with the quality visual she presents and buyer confidence in this one should be strong.  Many breeders talk about how tied up all of the elite genetics have been for years.  The flood gates are open, take advantage.

BREEDING RECOMMENDATION: Top Gun, Instant Addiction or Shakedown


This is one of four flushmate doe kids in this sale.  There were 28 embryos harvested and 24 kids hit the ground.  Did I mention that the ability to produce high numbers of transferable, high quality embryos appears to be highly heritable? The wethers in this flush have already proven themselves and those in this sale and those in our donor pen will soon prove to be invaluable producers in even the most progressive operations.  The best way to describe this flush is ‘consistent, from top to bottom, with quality livestock.’  This doe is as fundamental in her skeletal build as we can produce.  She is big ribbed and carries back into a wide hip and muscular leg.  In the past color may not have been associated with quality, but times have changed and those that are this good and have color will get along.  Study where her neck ties into her shoulder.  Study the correctness of her shoulder placement and topline.  She is correct in her hip and hind leg structure.  This gives her a balanced/quality look with the added bonus of a muscular shape.  It is all in one package.



Welcome to the “Next Generation” that has been built from the ground up with proven genetics.  You have “Zebra” on the bottom side and you have Little Wiz that is proving to breed as well or better than his full sibling, Wizard.  You can see the stamped Wizard/Little Wiz neck, hide and tighter skeleton.  This cape front brings added forearm expression and a deadly free-standing look with a big rack and hard muscle.  This genetic combination brings fundamental good while providing the lamb-like/quality livestock presence that will be popular in the show ring for generations.  Like a few others, her tight gamete blueprint allows for great buck versatility.

BREEDING RECOMMENDATION: Gnormous, Instant Addiction, Shakedown


Poncho will generate extreme muscle mass when bred to nearly any doe we have put him on.  His kids are not born massive, but the muscle continues to come with maturity to the point that you would not want any more.  Tag 5399 has this advantage of genetic prepotency for muscle bred into her on the top side and a mother that fits the visual fundamentals well in regard to fundamental build, hitting the ground on the corners while keeping everything proportional.  I see value in this female, both genetically as well as visually.  When they are strong on both sides of the equation the likelihood of generating good ones increases dramatically.  This doe is solid and should cover all of the basis with the added advantage of a great look and handle.

BREEDING RECOMMENDATION:               Top Gun or Hummel 101


Black Tail has been one of our ‘go to’ bucks this breeding season.  He is big boned and nearly perfect in his skeleton.  He will move nearly every doe forward across the board.  Tag 5412 is wide in her chest floor, opened up well in her forerib and handles equally as strong.  Our confidence in Black Tail and the proven performance of all of our Showtime does gets us excited about the potential of this mating.  This female is where we want to be and we have faith that she will generate.  Black Tail is overwhelming to see in person and Showtime females have generated as many champions as any female line in the history of our industry. 



Poncho x Wizard bred should be all that needs said.  Not sure a picture is needed, but when one looks this good…  Tag 5424 gives a great look with a hard handle and the lamb-like extension that sets her apart.  This doe is lined up tight genetically and should produce more consistent than most.  This degree and method of genetic selection also increases the prepotency of a female to generate specific traits.  She already possesses what most goats need.  This allows for more buck versatility than most. 

BREEDING RECOMMENDATION: Hummel 101 or Instant Addiction


Hummel 101 has consistently stamped his kids with a killer look, square build and a powerful handle.  We have successfully used him on a wide variety of does to help improve structural correctness without sacrificing power or a quality look.  Tag 5330 is bred well and has a strong visual presence.  Her added chest width and bone complement her skeletal build and trendy look.  This 101 daughter is another hat holds the pieces difficult to find in a goat.  Buck versatility on those bred like tag 5330 is a given.

BREEDING RECOMMENDATION: Instant Addiction or Shakedown


Tag 5343 is a freak-necked, shallow-bodied and as similar to the body type of a good lamb as you can find in a goat.  She has not been fed hard and does not have the white meat found on most show/sale does.  Those in the industry that can read composition and understand the difference between white meat and true muscular shape can appreciate those that are built well and have a good look, like tag 5343.  Poncho has injected crazy amounts of muscle into his wether offspring and Wizard has consistently generated a great look with a thin, tight hide and hard handle.  This one has buck versatility written all over her.  It is the traits she carries that are difficult to find in the goat arena. 

BREEDING RECOMMENDATION: Gnormous, Shakedown or Instant Addiction


The mother of 5312 was one of the best doe kids that we brought up from Kelly’s.  The Wizard females are proving to be some of the elite producers.  Like her mother, 5312 is opened up through her rib and stout hipped.   She handles with a groove through her rack and opens into a flat, wide loin.  Do not let sale order effect your judgement; this is a deep set.  Everyone that has stopped in to view the does in person will bring a different group of three to four does to the top.  5312 is bred with hard muscle and lateness of maturity coming from both sides.  Like many of our tightly lined up genetics, you may want to take advantage of heterosis to create an end product.  This doe is as camera shy as they get and her front shot does not do her justice, but that is all she would tolerate.  These does are not handled much and raised in large groups.  By the time they get to the wash rack, trimming table and picture area they think life has become challenging. 

BREEDING RECOMMENDATION: Instant Addiction or Shakedown


This Little Wiz daughter is as pushed up in her chest floor as you can make one.  She is extreme in her chest width and carries this dimension down her top into a wide pin set and hip.  She has the visual combination of a pencil-like neck with both skeletal width and a muscular shape.  Her dam is a flushmate to the Reserve Grand wether at the 2013 Iowa State Fair, shown by the Deppe family.  As often mentioned, buck options can be limited, but considering the pedigree and visual that tag 5219 presents there are a multitude of potential bucks that should work well on this one.  Let’s continue to bring cross-over families into the goat arena.  The best method is to give them an option to show a wether goat with similar qualities to a wether lamb.  The rapid increase in showing market goats is amazing.  All that needs done now is to supply the demand with quality stock.  This doe is bred to make good ones.  She is low in the sale order and did not picture nearly as well as she looks or handles.  Take advantage of all of the above.  You will be excited when her kids hit the ground.



Tag 5215 is out of one of our deepest March flush matings.  The Roberts Family won the 2015 Mississippi State Fair with a flushmate and another wether sibling is currently in our children’s show pen.  This Poncho daughter has been fed in a large contemporary group and is as green as they get.  She handles hard with a wide, flat loin.  If fed hard her genetic potential will present as much mass as anyone would want.  She is lamb-like in her appearance and has a genetic profile that has as much power bred in as any flush doe on our place.  She was a bit camera shy and did not picture as well as she is bred.  This one will be a great value.  Do not let this one get away if she stays within your given budget.



Tag 5390 offers a tubular look with a thin, tight hide.  Both Wizard and Fracture have sired wethers with lamb-like qualities way ahead of their time.  Buck versatility is wide open on this genetically lined up female.  I would recommend a buck with skeletal substance and this one can handle the rest.  She has the potential to produce kids that hold the skeleton together better than most with a great show ring look.

BREEDING RECOMMENDATION: Gnormous, Shakedown or Instant Addiciton



                      Following are a few wethers that sold in previous online sales: