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Hummel 101


: Bred by Hummel Livestock :

Shrek x Guns N Roses

Hummel 101 is the result of combining the top end of both Wizard and Guns N Roses genetics. A great deal of effort has been invested to bring these genetics together at this level.  Hummel 101 is the summation of both sides of the equation.  You be the judge as to how well this mating has worked. 













Describing the impact 900 has had on the wether goat industry is near impossible to put into words.  We have a solid foundation of 900 based does and bucks that have proven themselves at every level.  900’s greatest contribution has been the tight genetic pool found in his line bred descendents.  With this, we are able to utilize outcross genetics in our program with a high level of success.  We have a limited amount of semen on 900 and are only using him in our flush program.